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Monday, 27 January 2014

Zaid, four year old found out that mixing sand and water together would help him form clay. He was questioning whether this was the way Allah created us. Little minds work so fast and observe a lot subhanAllah!
The lesson learnt, when sand and water were apart he couldn't mould anything, but together he could. 
Mama added, being with your sister together you can do wonders, fighting and staying apart you can't gain anything much!

Hirah, three year old found these and she found a gem of a lesson.
"Leaves, they are different."
Mama added, 'leaves are different like us, children!'

Upon a moment of reflection, lets all take a few seconds and pray for all the unseen heroes and heroines of the world......everyone that are affected by disability! May there be ease and relief from their daily struggles! Ameen.

People claim to look inside our hearts,
And think they know what they see.
Truth be told,
That's the secret known to Him Alone.

When falsehoods are created
Out of how actions are perceived,
When assumptions are made,
Simply because
"What else could have been?"

Why second guess another's intentions?
When we would be better placed focusing within ourselves.

When did this world become so dark and bitter,
All set to cheer on the demise of others?

So the heart it yearns for an eternal existence,
Free from the shackles of narrowed judgment,
To exist in the Shade of the Almighty;
He who Judges without misconception.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Those silent tears that fall
In the depths of the night,
They are heard by the only One
Who can ease the pain they speak of.
So let each of us share the heartache we have endured -
Through the messengers that cry out,
From the depths of our souls.

It takes just one soul

To enlighten the true beauty that lies within us.
And it takes just one soul
To rob us of everything that we could have been.
May we blessed with those souls that are gifts in our lives,
The means by which we grow into the most beautiful versions of ourselves.

When silence falls in a place
Where once there was much to be said.
How time changes our situations,
Finding ourselves lost in the most familiar of places.
When silence befalls the heart,
Words become empty,
And lives, they just move monotonously on.

I whispered a prayer knowing that He Hears
And He Sees the tears as they flow.
There is nothing out with His Bounds,
So I wait,
Knowing the answer will come.

I know you care
When you honour me with your time,
I know I am someone,
When I enter your thoughts,
I know it is not the end, 
Even when life forces our paths apart.
I know there are souls,
Who will know one another eternally.
Yours and mine.

How the heart aches,
As the hands lie empty
Of that which they once held.
Such is the way,
The pain will pass..

As this boat drifts further from familiar shores, 
The heart is heavy,
The eyes shed tears.
What lies ahead,
Only tomorrow knows,
But these feet they must carry on
To more blessed shores.

It is not I who chooses,
Whether I'm broken or whole,
Whether I'm weak or strong.
These are not choices that I get to make,
All I can do is ensure
No matter my state,
I seek Allah.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Allah's Gift

All rights reserved@Allah’s presence

Mistakes are to be learnt from
They are not to be clung upon
Mistake should be something which liberates you from the bubble of self appreciation
something which lets you grow as a person
Not something which shrinks you down
Mistakes if interpreted correctly are gifts from ALLAH
gifts which crash land you back safely to the ground
so that we don't fall down really hard
they prevent you from flying too high
something which keeps you grounded
mistakes connect you to the ground reality
A reality that we are not perfect
A reality that we are humans who make infinite mistakes
Reality that ALLAH is the only one who forgives those infinite mistakes
Mistakes should connect you to your inner self
Mistakes should connect you to the Almighty .
Mistakes are a bag of pearls of wisdom which you collect through out your life
something which reminds you of your courage to accept, learn and move on
They should not be a bag of memories which when opened can cripple you with guilt
The decision is yours...
You can either treasure your Mistakes or carry a guilt ridden burden
so decrypt the message ALLAH wants to give you through your mistakes and don't repeat them...if you do then you didn't actually get the message right...

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Everything around us is a blessing that we won't recognize unless we lose it

O Allah have mercy on those who are in pain, yet they do not complain..

O Allah help us in honoring our parents.. No matter how much effort we achieve, we won't be able to match what they have done for us