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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wishing you and your family blessings of Ramadhan....
Ramadhan Mubarak !!!
Pleases forgive me if i had hurt or wronged you in any way..

Friday, 27 June 2014

If... only you knew... the struggles i have to go through...each day.....

Everyday.. the degree of the struggles are different...varies immensely...

to a times i no longer feels that i could go on...

I'm grappling each day.. trying to keep afloat...

If... only you knew....that i am not strong enough as you think i am..

May be... u would understand more...

May be... you would be more empathetic towards me..

May be ... you would be here for me...

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Yesterday.. a kind wonderful soul had among other things given me a tasbih..the gesture had touched me so much so ..that it made me cry.. as she was the second person who had given them to me.. the first person was my beloved late grandma..

On one occasion ...few years ago..when we had our usual talks... suddenly she gets up and gently handed me these beautiful beads..tasbih..
i've still recalled vividly ...her every words..telling me to make good use of it..advising always remember i'm not alone... like always... she was there for me..These gesture although it does not occur to me at that time had me realize over time that she wanted to make sure that i would be alright.. handing a part of her.. 

Since then.. the tasbihs are always near me.. like the longing for me for Allah Ya Rabb n my dear grandma... right where its easy for me to reach.... where i could see... just by holding it comforts me... when i'm in pain.. when even taking painkillers doesn't help...when i'm sad and what other these temporary dunia problems has to offer...

When i get so overwhelmed.. when this heart would feels as though it would explode..i would hug them.. imagining... i'm being embraced by Allah Ya Rabb and  my beloved grandma.. Ya Allah Ya Rabb...especially at times like this.. i miss my late grandma n my late grandfather so...

May Allah gives mercy on them and gives them Jannatul Firdaus.. Ameen.. 

Never take for granted what Allah has given u..your health... every small blessings.. even it might be small for you but when it's gone you will long for it..treat your loved ones as though theirs or yours will be the last..             

Friday, 13 June 2014

The most beautiful of blessings is that of a sincere companion,
To know that there is just one someone
Who looks upon you,
And sees beyond your every imperfection,
Who accepts your failings,
And urges you to future triumphs;
Beautiful are those souls -
Rare gifts, sent from Heaven

At our hardest times,
Though we may have many people around us,
Our minds are in isolation,
And all we see before us, is the mountain that we have yet to climb;
Don't fear that loneliness -
It's presence serves merely to allow our inner strength to achieve new heights.

Sometimes, our humanness craves the raw comfort of knowing that we are not alone in our struggle; that there are those people in our lives who understand our pain, and do not dismiss the sorrow that we find ourselves in.

They stand by us, knowing that they have no solutions to our problems, but simply because they wish to see us slightly alleviated of our burden, and so they become a source of ease and happiness in our lives.

We don't always have to make things perfect, sometimes, just being attentive and considerate is enough to change the heaviness that life brings.

Many say, goodness gets you nothing but hurt in this life;
It takes a great deal of courage to meet this world with good when it has dealt you with much of sadness.
Let not that which forms around you
Determine what you become,
Be the best that you hope to be,
Never hoping for anything in return.

We are what we are,
And He knows Best.
Far from perfection,
But not as disgraced as others like to claim.
Those who know us,
They will always find a reason to love.
And those who loathe us,
They will find a reason to despise.
So please only One,
And the love of those worth loving,
Comes with ease.

The eyes are blind to what the heart does not wish to see,
We love what we love not because we chose it to be,
Our hearts are controlled by Him Alone,
So we find ourselves in quiet prayer,
Asking for a release to that place of peace,
Where our souls will roam in ease for eternity.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Tomorrow is my birthday.... i don't know why this year means more to me than the other previous years which i mostly let it past as though it was another day..

Maybe the reason being ...when i had looked back..especially my health lung failure, pneumonia, the 2 biopsies, previous scare of cancer.. many more which i had to endure..and life trials, problems.. had hit me real hard..

At times i encounter blessings which i had embraced and appreciated.. even the smallest ones.. and the greater ones seems more like a dream to me.. as i go through the motions.. each one priceless.. regardless what it is..

I had lost many loved ones and only Allah knows what i had to endured in this temporary dunia..lessons are priceless.. past n present..but each time when i felt lost... or hope.. trying to just grapple anything i could find..or the storm..Allah had send me precious souls or something hold on remind me.. the hidden blessings of it all..

Even if its hard to endure..or when in the midst of souls who choose to test and perceive u through their eyes and mind...forgiving is the only let is too short.. when a precious life could be taken in an instant..its sad when pain and hatred are chosen over loving memories...i live in the present not in the past...