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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sometime ago i was visited by these beautiful kind souls ..
 i called them 'Angels fr Allah'..
There are 3 beautiful 'angels' accompanied by 2 little adorable 'angels' bearing gifts of hope and bounty..
They radiates the room just being there..
When i was looking at them..speechless and in awe..
Ya Allah.. ya rabb.. we are not related by blood... but they were willing to reach their hands to me, assisting, listening..
U had answered my duas ya Allah..Ya Rabb and i'm so grateful..
They are amongst the kind,beautiful, souls which you had send
to me..
Their beautiful souls radiates from within...
May Allah gives them blessings and gives them the best in this dunia and akhirah... Ameen..

Monday, 26 May 2014

Rare is the soul that takes from itself,
Protecting others, to find personal wounds reopened.
Rare is the soul that loves beyond measure,
Who is forgotten when ease settles,
And is recalled when times of distress come once again.
Rare is the soul that is ever-dependable,
Here at every moment,
But one wonders, for how long?


To place others before yourself is a rare attribute, and a blessing from Allah..
Those souls who endure such a path are often undervalued..
The ones who embrace this path with the greatest of commitment are those who realise their worth is not determined by those who fail to appreciate their service, but by reminding themselves of the warmth the heart feels knowing that a small action may have had a big impact on the life of another..

I wish you could take a walk in my mind,
See the sorrow that litters these gardens of joy.
If only for a moment,
You could see what I see,
Maybe then you would go easy on me.

"Who is there to pick you up..?"


That little flame that dances in our hearts,
It keeps us striving for what others may deem impossible,
It's the light where so many see darkness,
It is the freedom from the shackles of this dunya.

There are some hearts that feel everything so intensely.
When they hear of your pain,
They live it with you,
Becoming frantic in seeking it's end.
And when they love,
They love with all their heart,
Committing to that cause with gracious patience.
There is both a blessing and curse that these hearts endure;
They are so profoundly touched even by the slightest hint of emotion.

Those who love us and hold us dear,
They know what lies within,
Though we may not utter a single word,
And it is in those times of quiet
We come to learn who truly has the patience to remain constant in their care.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

How sad and hollow this place has come to be,
You look at me, and you think you know what I should be.
Your aspersions are based upon your own mind's influence,
You make judgement based upon the journey that you have uniquely paved.
Yet you assume that your way and your judgement is what is applicable to me,
But you fail to see -
I am walking my own paved path,
My pain is not for you to understand,
My pain is mine,
And only I can fathom it's depth.
Yet, this cycle will continue until time comes quietly to an end;

We expect, yet we fail to support.

When I bow in earnest prayer,
And my heart fails to find the words I wish to speak;
Knowing that you Know,
Makes the tears flow easily -
Your Answer will come,
And this pain will subside.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Wounds that wont heal!

They miss them in every meal
And they miss them when wounds don't heal
They miss not only their smile
But also their nagging once a while
They remember every scolding and each word
Within which love bloomed and bred
They miss them when they toss in bed
And think of the broken thread

When the world seems to sleep
Who would see the moist eye which weeps
Their reminders to read duas
Their worries and concern ever
They remember them on every happy occasion
They long for them in hidden sobs in gloom and tension

To those who have a mother
Think of those who yearn for theirs
Sit beside their feet and not higher than them
Speak soft and sweet and don't shout at them
Help them with a smile and be blessed (take their duas)
So that your place in jannah is sealed

A smile, a crime
-Binth Faizal
All rights reserved @ Allah's presence

My smile becomes a crime when a child cries out of pain,
Though she is far away in Syria, even out of sight in Palestine,
My smile becomes a crime when she's never known what it is.

My freedom prisons me in when I see her right behind the bars,
The legs and arms cling in fear and the terror befallen, dread scares,
When I see her die for her fault of birth.

My heart pounds in shock and shiver thinking what I would do,
If bombs, shells and drones come my way in winds' blows.
Still being struck in awe as to how she heals with those trembling thunders and quit at last.... Ya Ummathi

The root of envy is actually ignorance. Ignorance of this truth: All blessings come in pairs. With every blessing is a test.
You envy someone for their blessing, because you don't see their test.

"If flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes, so can you."

When our minds fool us with thoughts of deception,
Utter words to rid yourself of the despair they bring;
And we are safe again,
In the folds of His Mercy,
No harm will descend.

So many of us blindly follow,
But when we detach from the crowd
We begin to see with our hearts
And lose sight of others' projections.
Seek truth for what it is;
A resting light in the depths of our hearts.

Because only He can Give...

And so we wait,
For reason to settle in
Over the madness that has ensued.
Looking upon this path,
Hoping it becomes clear.
And so we wait.

Do not stop meeting the world with love, no matter how broken you are inside...

Monday, 5 May 2014

They say "don't lose hope",
And we know that's all we need to do.
But when it comes to the play,
There we are faced with the uphill;
The constant strife,
The never ending fight,
The need to battle each day that comes.

So all that is left,
Are the tears and the prayers;
"Give me the strength,
Let me see this through,
So when I stand before You,
The struggle can end,
And the way to peace
Is all that remains."
So we take each day,
And we look upon that hill,
Renewed in our will,
And holding fast to hope.

Life, it isn't quite black and white,
It's filled with many shades of grey.
People assume they know
But this road that is walked,
It's walked alone.
Each soul endures,
He knows our limits,
So no matter your place,
There's good yet to come.

What you see, isn't always reality, Take time and look beyond a superficial smile,
Actions do not always define who we are,
The condition of our heart,
Tells more than the assumed states of our souls.

I am what I am;
Some eyes behold me as hateful,
And others, adore.
My essence is not in what is perceived,
Leaving my actions misjudged,

By the reflections of this world.
The intent that lies within
Defines what truly is.
My honour and my dignity,
It lies in His Hands.

To Him I belong,
And to Him I will return.
So I no longer wish to spend my time,
Justifying my worth to those who know little of me.

No prayer is ever too late,
Sometimes we have to learn lessons through hardship to really ask that which we need,
And He grants us that which we could never have anticipated,
That, and more.
Therefore we ask Him,
Knowing only He can grant it,
Even if what we wish to have
Seems almost impossible,
Nothing is beyond Him,
And He knows Best.
So we ask Him..

The world falls silent,
Leaving only thoughts,
Rippling through the mind,
Reminding of pains gone by.
How the silence can kill,
Or unleash a desire to live.

This world is a place of judgement,
Opinions rife on matters that we should be of no concern,
Everyone seems to offer their tuppence,
Would time not be better spent
Focusing on that which is within?
Our personal shortfalls,
And those few triumphs that may come.
This journey is our own,
What others think,
Holds little bearing.

For some of us,
Strength is all about the pretense...

"Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are."

We think that every soul that walks alongside us
Will remain beside us forever.
There will come a time,
Our most trusted of companions
They, too, will no longer comfort our sides.
Say to those that enlighten your life,
The words that the heart wishes to say,
Do not leave matters unsaid -
Break down the wall of silence that has been built,
Utter the words that your heart wishes to say.

When sleep doesn't come,
And all that descends
Are endless thoughts
Like raindrops falling
On fertile lands.
With each drop that falls
Another seed grows,
Endless thoughts take over the night,
Leaving sleep forgotten
Until the morning light.

We owe it to ourselves to ensure we pursue that which is right,
To seek happiness in the best of ways,
And to know,
No matter our situation,
It's okay to get it wrong;
That's the only way lessons can be learnt.

Then we find ourselves at that place again,
Familiar grounds,
Filled with familiar emotions.
How life takes us full circle,
In order to teach us lessons we seek,
Or seize opportunities that we narrowly missed.
And so, we find ourselves at that place again,
Facing past sorrows,
This time, with a desire to rise higher,
Leaving no place for regret.

When life is accompanied with beautiful souls,
Present at times of sadness and joy.
The burdens of life,
They become suddenly easier,
And less painful to bear.
The beautiful souls are a mercy from the Most Merciful;
Generous gifts,
Reminders of His Love.

Much is lost in this worldly life,
It remains an empty place,
Filled with sadness and pain.
Each of us lays our future plans.
Hopes of much joy ahead.
It seems to be we get lost in the blur;
This life was never meant to follow our plan.
So we walk each day,
With hope and prayer;
Aspiring to gain all that our heart's desire,
With the single hope -
It brings us closer to You, Ya Rabb.

How we look on to others' paths,
Assuming their conditions are disdainful.
How we assume the worst
Of those who sincerely are owed our respect.
We look at a soul,
Thinking we know what lies within their depths.
Truth be told,
We are without the right to judge.
Time would be better spent,
Being more mindful of our broken selves.

There are those souls
Who give pieces of themselves to protect others.
It is these souls that are so easily dismissed,
Forgotten and neglected,
Thrown aside as though never existent.
But it comes to be,
When those they protected, walk down their road of life,
Suddenly feeling the absence of such precious souls,
When they look deep within themselves,
They find the fragments of those precious souls,
With which they were once so completely protected.

Every soul is filled with goodness,
But each soul has the potential to err.
With those whispers of shaytaan,
That cause stirrings from deep within,
Rising slowly to the surface,
Only to find ourselves suddenly
At a place so unknown.
"This was not I!"
"I never meant for this to be"
And remorse is all that is left,
Coupled with repentance,
When faced with our realities.
In desperate need of His Mercy.

So when the storm of Fitnah ascends,

Do not allow it to consume you with it's strength.
Shelter your heart,
And take a moment to step back;
To react is too easy,
But to remain silent whilst the devil whispers otherwise
That is true strength.

Each of us has beauty unique to ourselves,
Something that defines our own gracious ways.
Whether it be the nature of our soul,
Or the perfection of our physique,
Allah granted us all,
Beauty seen by those who know.

Offer a hand before you push another down,
It may be through your actions,
Hope is restored in a fragmented heart.
Be kind,
Knowing that it illuminates your heart,
And the hearts of others too.

The thoughts of people dictate our actions
Where our personal happiness become a source of sorrow.
Pleasing others in the hope we escape scrutiny,
Yet if more time was spent pleasing Allah,
We would come to find,
His beautiful Promise;
Secure His love, and the love of the people comes to be.

Did the devil deceive us,
Have we been fooled by our hearts?
Which path to take,
Remains so unclear.
One can only hope and pray,
Falling in prostration.
"Ya Rabb don't leave me,
I'm lost again,
So I seek your Help."
There we stand,
At the crossroads that lie before us,
Knowing, the next step will tell.

Foolish is the one who thinks life is without choice,
What we choose,
He knows,
But He has allowed us that choice.
We are able to form our destiny,
Change it with prayer,
And be granted the fulfilment of our hearts desire.
So how to get there?
Seek Him Alone.

To be a stranger amongst the most familiar,
Truly pains the heart and soul.
To be known, but so unknown
Deeply hurts the searching soul.
To be close, yet so far,
That breaks the heart into a million tiny pieces.

I ask You,
Because no-one else can help.
I ask You,
Because only You truly understand.
I ask You,
Because You never grow tired of my tears.
I ask You,
Because You never break Your Promise.
I ask You,
Because You are my Rabb, and I am Your slave;
Eternally, I hope to remain.

Much love to those beautiful souls who see us in our fragmented state, yet by simply believing in us, they heal our many pains...

Opinions voiced
On false understanding
Break the fragile hearts
Of those who are misunderstood.
You have not walked this life of mine,
Until you do,
Hold silent on my current state.

There are those who see right to the depths of our souls,
Who see our pain,
Though our faces wear a smile,
Who mask our weakness,
And strive to help us realise our strengths,
These souls,
They are our truest companions,
Too precious to let go.

The one who surpasses the trial,
Is the one who falls low,
And gladly so.
Knowing that it is from here,
With a face kissed to the ground,
One has achieved the highest level of regard
In the Sight of the One to whom we belong.

Foolish is the one
Who abuses the trust of a pure and giving soul;
The one that gives of themselves
Only to see another excel.
The one who protects a trust,
Knowing it's depth and worth.
So foolish is the one
Who abused the gift from their Lord,
Of the beautiful soul that gave,
Yet another simply dismissed.

Silently we stand,
Looking upon the path that lies ahead.
No certainty exists,
But that in the heart.
There is knowledge of Him,
And His Promise to us;
Trusting in Him,
And taking each step.
This path holds the best certainty;
The light of faith,
Amidst the darkness of this life.

The conversations that never came to be,
The sentiments that never got shared,
The moments that passed in silence,
When there was much that remained to be said.
So what remains,
But the turmoil of emotions that brew within our minds,
Hoping one day,
Peace descends in their place.

If we've earned trust,
We've earned a place in their heart..

We assume that each of us holds expectations that are mountains high,
Yet, there are some who hold simple expectations;
To be at peace, to be loved and to be missed.
And so we strive in this life to make a change,
To leave positive impacts wherever we may go,
In the simple hope,
We achieve goodness,
In this life and the next.

Reading his words makes you appreciate the sheer beauty of our imperfection.

It is only through our broken state that we walk upon a path of seeking wholeness.

On this path, we find many a beautiful thing, and someday, with the Help & Mercy of Allah, we find that something that makes us complete, whilst embracing the imperfections that we hold.

Take my hand
In the darkness,
Bring me back into the light.
Do not allow me to fall
If you cannot remain, to help me up.
Take my hand,
And hold it firmly.
Together we can face the most arduous journey.

There's a fine line between overthinking and caring.
A line which our minds find themselves crossing quite often.
To think about others deeply in the hope of saving them from inadvertent pain,
That can be deemed noble,
But we must also aim to protect ourselves from inadvertent harm when our minds start overthinking a scenario.
When in doubt, just open the doors to communication,
And rest that over

thinking mind of ours!

It is only when the heart and soul are touched by love so profound that the mind becomes overcome.
In a place where we constantly fought battles with our inner demons,
We find alongside us,
An angelic companion that urges us to victory.
Where there was once a feeling of loss,
Ease has now returned.

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes
Because for those who love with heart and soul
There is no such thing as separation.

You look upon your own self,
And perfection is all you perceive,
And when your eyes fall upon myself,
There you see a soul,
Littered solely with flaws.
Yet, the reality is plain to see;
When you look upon me,
Well, that is simply a reflection
Of that which lies within yourself.

How a single word,
Uttered with haste,
Destroys the gardens of goodness that grow within our minds.
Yet again, we speak
Without giving our words much thought,
Breaking hearts,
And wounding souls,
With every word that is thrown.

Our hearts seek peace
Frantically throughout our lives.
There is a desperate desire
To find a state of ease.
So wildly we roam
Hoping to attain a heart that is tamed.
Know that your existence has changed at least one person's life..
We can all be a positive in the lives of others...

How tiring it becomes,
Ensuring others' happiness,
And in the midst,
Losing your own.
How the false smile masks many pains,
And only few notice the tears that silently call.

Do not look upon others with expectations of perfection,
Each of us is woven from a multitude of flaws,
Yet when we walk this path with the beautiful companions,
The journey is made easier,
Simply from the masking of our flaws,
And so we find ourselves beautified, More than if we had walked alone.

So confined a place this has come to be,
Only yesterday I looked upon the vastness of tomorrow,
But now I stand here,
Longing to be away,
To find the peace of that place
Where my heart longs to go.

There is beauty in those who never waiver in their support,
Who stand beside you no matter what may be coming your way.
Loyalty is a rare diamond,
Too precious to let slip away.

We have all had that special soul (or souls) that crossed our path and made us realise that we have the potential to be more than we settled to be.

Those souls who reignite the fire in our hearts and awaken us from our slumber, allowing us to see the light that we were previously blind to.

Such beautiful souls, who never allow us to forget the beauty of who we can be, and so in turn, we enhance their beauty too.

Those beautiful souls; God bless you with goodness, now and forever.