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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A famous writer was in his study room. He picked up his pen and started writing:
**Last year, I had a surgery and my gall bladder was removed. I had to stay stuck to the bed due to this surgery for a long time. 

**The same year I reached the age of 60 years and had to give up my favourite job. I had spent 30 years of my life in this publishing company.

**The same year I experienced the sorrow of the death of my father.

**And in the same year my son failed in his medical exam because he had a car accident. He had to stay in bed at hospital with the cast on for several days. The destruction of car was another loss.
At the end he wrote: Alas! It was such bad year!!
When the writer's wife entered the room, she found he husband looking sad lost in his thoughts. From behind his back she read what was written on the paper. She left the room silently and came back with another paper and placed it on side of her husband's writing.
When the writer saw this paper, he found this written on it:

**Last year I finally got rid of my gall bladder due to which I had spent years in pain.

**I turned 60 with sound health and got retired from my job. Now I can utilize my time to write something better with more focus and peace.

**The same year my father, at the age of 95, without depending on anyone or without any critical condition met his Creator.

**The same year, Allah blessed my son with a new life. My car was destroyed but my son stayed alive without getting any disability.

At the end she wrote:
This year was an immense blessing of Allah and it passed well!!

The same incidents but different viewpoints. If we ponder with this viewpoint that what could have happened more, we would truly become thankful to Allah subhanawata'aala.
Allah says in Quran:

"And indeed, your Lord is full of bounty for the people but most of them do not show the gratitude"
(Anamal, 73)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

When we see some goodness and our first reaction is to nitpick it to find some type of fault or shortcoming in it, it's time to check our own heart.

In times of difficulty think of those who have it worse and are still patient; in times of ease think of those who have less and are more grateful.

Don't give personal advice to someone whom you know nothing about.

And I would add "Don't listen to someone who doesn't bother to understand you but still feels he/she should give you personal advice."

Trash talk, sly comments, mocking others with jokes or sarcasm; all signs of low self esteem.

If gaining knowledge hasn't increased you in humility, it’s time to check your heart.

While trying to get the whole world to love you, you may miss out on the love of the few who really matter.

There is a big difference between just communicating and communicating with care and understanding.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

You can learn so much about yourself from other people: your weaknesses from their strengths; your strengths from their weaknesses; the routes to avoid from their stumbles; the paths to take from their successes. You can learn so much about yourself from other people, yet too often you look with your eyes closed.

"Beauty lies in the ability to see without the lenses of society."

"Less may be more, but more love for yourself and less regard for what people think of you goes an extremely long way."

"You may have placed a ring on her finger, but she did not give herself to you freely -she loaned you her goodness conditionally."
The talkers will always talk, and those who're true to you will walk... with you.

Wrapped in my blanket of emotion, I forgot to look on the coin's other side. While I wallowed in self-pity, I didn't see you silently cry.

"You are angry because she doesn't speak, yet her silence is saying much more than you're willing to hear."

In order for the sun to rise she must turn her back to the darkness of her past. Tomorrow can't be present without yesterday being history.

Harmony is when you appreciate and accept another person's melody as an integral part of your life's soundtrack

Sure, you can bend over backwards, but don't lament when your back breaks during the process of trying to be someone you're not.

Self-doubt rears its head when you're feeling overwhelmed. Take a few steps back, breathe, laugh and move forward again, a step at a time

Although she was smiling, I enclosed her in an embrace and whispered, "Darling, it's going to be okay." Her smile cracked and a flood of tears gushed from the scars left by the pain of a thousand yesterdays. Her sadness had been broken - she was ready to start healing.

It's the small acts of kindness that leave the greatest mark, but are usually the ones that are overlooked. Kinda sad, really.

Choose your words carefully, even those uttered in jest, for their weight cannot be pre-measured.
"Every tunnel has an exit," she said. "You might not be able to see the light yet, but it's there."

Expending emotional energy on what others say/do is pointless - you only have control over your own thoughts and actions. Keep things moving.

A quiet anger - she knows an explosion is far more dangerous than her silence, so she looks on and jostles the words in her mind.

We're afraid of what we'll hear, so we surround ourselves with noise. Allow your inner voice some airtime by giving it a stage of silence.

Gentleness is the sort of breeze we hardly ever feel, and harshness is the whirlwind we're often surrounded by.

While you shouldn't anticipate people will act according to your standards, never lower your standards due to the way people treat you.

Tonight, nothing flashes except memories - not of days old, but days that are so fresh I can peel them from my mind and wrap them around me like clingfilm, and still feel their warmth.

"Don't expect light from anyone but the Source of light itself, but be a bearer of light without extinguishing your internal flame."

Her eyes speak louder than words.

"The victory of a battle isn't dependent on whether you live or die, but whether your faith remains unscathed."

"You throw chips to crack her mirror because you can't bear to look at yours."

The mind jostles with words and eyelids quiver under the weight of fatigue. What a battle.

So many of us carry bundles of anger and resentment around with us, dressed in everything but their true nature. Where's the dumping ground?

Those trials you're going through – that heartache, the pain, the tears and restless nights – they'll be a source of guidance for someone someday as you narrate how you got through it and survived to tell the tale.

There's no darkness that can't be overcome by light. Hang in there, because the sun still rises, declaring a new day.

Today I saw the look of blood in a young man's eyes. Thirsty to thrust the vice of his anger into the chest of another. And today I saw the look of fear in a young man's eyes. He dodged the advances of his pursuing adversary, fright etched into his face.

Today I saw how important it is to think before acting; to breathe before allowing flames of anger to consume common sense; to cast aside the ego and let bygones be bygones.

Today I saw how truly destructive we can be, and it's times like this that I never want to see.

Words can soothe - a comfort to chase away fears. And they can cut deep - leaving the soul to bleed through tears. Choose them carefully

Too often there is so much focus on a person’s exterior while interiors rot, leading to souls emitting an overpowering stench of hypocrisy.

Focus on the fine details for too long, and you lose sight of the bigger picture.

Silence can be sweet, but it can also be poisonous.

You reach out, but all you can grasp is their shadow.

“It’s impossible to silence the heart.
My eyes speak for me
even when I make sure my mouth does not.”

Today, eyes see...

Today, eyes see her book laid out before me, each delicate page laced with memories. I scoot closer as she breathes the words for my attentive ears, momentarily pausing to swipe at trickling tears. I don't look into her eyes as my ears are enough to recognise pain, and who wants to see demons that you once thought had been slain? When she closed her book, a smile curled in the corner of her mouth. "There is sadness in my past, but I refuse for that to be what my present is about."

I wondered why somebody didn't do something. Then I realized, I am somebody.

I've heard some of the most breathtaking verbal life collages from the broken. Despite being on the mend, still gathering themselves, constantly adjusting their compass, and stumbling on their path to being whole again, they have a glint of determination that twinkles in their eyes that only the once broken can recognize.

There's no moral, simply an affirmation that things *do* get better. They do.

In His Name I start
to start over from a better point
than yesterday

And it's in His Name
I rise
skin can be shed and grown thicker
than yesterday's

And it's His Name I adorn my tongue with.
His Name I warm my home with.
His Name that lightens loads I never have to carry alone.

His Name.

It's in His Name
I restart
to start over from a better point than yesterday.

In His Name.

Question paper is ready, the answer script is ready. Teacher knows you well and knows how you will face the exam. Yet you are asked to face the exam and the marks will be given accordingly. Do your exam well!

That's the reality of this life!

~A drop of dew~

The one you take as granted is not having a life full of excitement and joy. It's only that she/he is trying to become selfless and lending you a hand despite her/his miseries, for the sake of Allah!

We know they burst any moment and we are not going to reach our target by sending them off. Yet we release balloons to the sky. It makes one happy to see the colourful sight. Sometimes in life, little things that doesn't count too much bring joy into hearts.

Put down the heavy package of sorrows and laugh for a while. You deserve to be happy!

Do you think only you are having problems that have no solution? Do you feel you are restless due to this complicated life style so that you can't smile and have a peaceful time? Then you are wrong! Get close to a child and spend a little time with him/her. Then you will realise that they have the biggest problems to solve yet they don't beat their soul to find solution.
Give up when you can't bear it anymore. We are not meant to be perfect in this life. A tortured soul will not guide you towards success, it only leads towards depression!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Everyone just started to expect;
You were the one that was always strong,
The one that others chose to lean on,
It was your shoulder that the tears fell upon,
And your hands that wiped them softly away.
It was your heart that broke each time you heard the tales of others' woes.
But when the time came,
And you found your own heartbreak,
You came to find,
You had to be strong -
You were alone, all along.

How easy it is to judge the choices of others,
To assume that the path that another walks is paved with roses and flowers.
Every choice we make in life
Bring with them effects we do not anticipate.
So do not assume you know another's pain
When all your eyes perceive is their supposed ease

Friday, 29 August 2014

Maybe if you could name the wound, you could begin to heal. But what about the nameless kind? What about the nameless kind?

"At the moment," she said, lifting her head slowly. "I can describe pain. I can draw you the very intricacies of its' inescapable clutches. I can use insufficient human language to explain what it feels like to lose a piece of every single memory or feeling you've ever had. I can describe the wound of loss. But, I'm sorry. I can't tell you about healing. Not because I don't want to. But, because I don't know what it feels like yet."

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wisdom in asking forgiveness!

She's one of my best friends. We grew up together and schooled together. We have been together in trying moments and we have shared countless times of joyous moments.

As we grew up the love I had for her was so much that I feared of losing her friendship. I wasn't jealous of her having other friends but I feared she might choose the wrong ones or others could misguide her. Perhaps I thought a little too much about myself.

Gradually her presence with us limited because her new school. We missed her, especially I did. I watched her make friends. Perhaps my overprotective thoughts labeled them as bad friends. They didn't wrong me but we aren't free from assuming and judging. I took a front seat pretending I didn't see or hear them but I was perfectly aware of their presence at the back seat if the bus or the class.

'Let her go, we don't belong to her world.' I have told several times comforting other friends of my gang. But within me, I knew I couldn't let her go. Her bond was something that couldn't be forgotten even after knowing that she has her rights to choose her friends.

But we didn't split completely from each other. We had contacts. We spoke and we laughed but deep down, there was a feeling that 'we are JUST friends.'

Time ran fast. All of us got engaged with responsibilities. Different paths, different destinations and different desires. All of us had our own struggles to deal with.

Then at a point, the circumstance forced to break our silence. It made me express what it really looked like. The love for her took turns toward rudeness.

From then, I never heard from her. I heard about her, true but not from her. Anyhow, my thoughts remained the same. She was within the circle of my best friends. Recalling her memory wasn't painful, for my love for her remained the same. 

Perhaps it's because I didn't write to her to hurt her, but to express that all of us had reasons, same like her.

But I didn't realize that I was wrong, being harsh is not right. I didn't realize I cannot dictate a friend whether I have all reasons to be so. Simply I didn't believe my sarcastic letter was a shameful act, until I received an email from her, a half decade later.

I smiled with joy, embracing her virtually. She asked to forgive her, forget what happened between us and accept her as before. I had no reason why I shouldn't be happy at that point.

Today we are best friends, once again, alhamdulillah. Today we live as nothing had happened. Like those childhood days, we have no reason to hold grudges. But, now and then I realize how wrong I have been to hurt my best friend. If I truly loved her, I would have tolerated without bragging about the things I did as a friend. 

I wouldn't have written a letter pointing out her faults. I wouldn't have had 'no guilt' feeling. Living as 'you are wrong, I pointed you out but I have no grudges upon you' is no different from saying 'You wronged me yet I forgave you because I'm the best.'

Her approach had turned the tables. It had made me regret. It had left me understand how arrogant I had been. If she was wrong, I should have approached in the best manner with love. Not in a manner of insulting.

I know, I haven't meant to insult her. I know I have always wished for her best, yet now after her humble approach it has left me with regrets.

This is the lesson I learned from my best friend. Asking forgiveness for the sake of Allah has brought peace, real peace between us. With no doubt I agree, that has been a turning point in my life. That has helped me understand how arrogant I had been.

Relationships are a rizk from Allah. What is meant for us will be ours. Perhaps our bond was not meant to be broken forever, alhamdulillah. But it is she whom Allah chose to mend the relationship, the wrong person in my point of view, then. Asking forgiveness won't lower your status. Today she is one step ahead of me.

It is the power of forgiving and asking forgiveness, it can heal wounds that you thought never existed!

How foolish is society,
Today they laugh at you
Yet they fail to realise,
Tomorrow they will be laughed at.
The mob is fickle when it is free of morality and justice.

Those who do not fear the Day
When every atoms worth of deeds will be discussed,
Then how can you expect them to fear mistreating simple souls?
The mob is fickle.

I never wanted much,
A simple life,
And peaceful heart,
With a safe hand in which to place my own.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

When people suffer from depression their whole world feels dark. No matter how much wealth, status, external validation, awards and fame they acquire they still feel worthless and they want to escape the pain of their sadness. It is truly tragic when family members are completely oblivious of the pain and loneliness that their loved ones feel.

It's not about having low or high iman. Someone could have high iman but they have a chemical imbalance which leads to depression or other mental illnesses. Iman can help in the process of recovery. Depression does not mean you have low iman.

It is sad when people are ignorant about mental health and make insensitive statements.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The night has robbed me of my sleep,
Lying silently with thoughts of this slippery decline;
When did the world decide some have greater right to life?
When did the rest decide they did not care,
That they wished to live blinded by ignorance?

So silence prevails,
In the wake of such evil.
The thieves of my sleep have robbed me deeply;
My heart weeps tears of despair,
Where is the hope amidst such atrocities?
And then I find,
With each tear that falls,
My lips utter prayers -
My hope is Greater than this sense of desperation,
Justice is His Promise, and never does He fail.


And we forget the ones that give without hope of any return...

"Love can heal"
So they say,
How can that be, when love seems paired with pain?
Love of the deepest kind,
The one that establishes bonds beyond mere superficial existence,
That love can heal;
It can make past pains disappear,
Leaving only hope of tomorrow's joy.

Then I found myself,
With this emptiness in my heart,
A longing that remained,
A void that could only be filled with what the heart seeks,
And so, I began to call upon You,
Hoping that this emptiness would leave,
That this void would become complete,
And then I found myself enraptured in the calling more than the need,
And so as my heart became settled,
You Answered my call,
Giving me all that I wanted,
And so much more.
That day I wept -
Tears so overcome with fear -
I don't want to lose this love that I've found;
This calling upon You.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Some people don't love lightly. They just don't know how.

Some people love like electrical plugs; they can simply unplug and the power flow stops until the plug back in (either to the same socket or a new socket). Other people love like starfish; they can be pulled off but they often leave a piece of themselves behind. The appendage which they leave behind will heal and regrow, but it forever alters them and they are never again the same

Hope is sitting in the dark, but knowing that the sun will rise.

Broken people are more caring more giving and more beautiful then the beautiful face.

Maybe it's time to just understand each other:
"Sad people have the gift of time, while the world dizzies everyone else; they remain stagnant, their bodies refuse to follow pace with the universe. With these kind of people everything aches for too long, everything moves without rush, wounds are always wet."

Live through the pain. Stumble. Fine. Learn to do what needs to be done. Learn what needs to be learned. But then. After. Turn back. Turn back and teach others how to do it too.

The way we should view any blessing, talent, or success we have:
I am not an extraordinary person. I am an ordinary person who has been given an extraordinary gift. That gift is not from me, nor does it belong to me. It is only in my care. For an appointed time. It was given, and can most definitely be taken.
This is the essence and foundation of the believer's response to the loss of any gift: 'Inna lilahi wa inna ilayhee rajioon" (Indeed we belong to God, and to God we return).

When we think we're perfect, we expect perfection from others. When we start to recognize our own weaknesses, we begin to be more forgiving of the weaknesses in others.

"Perhaps you might be asleep while the doors of Heaven are knocking with tens of supplications for you, by a poor person you aided or a sad person you cheered up or a distressed person you brought relief to. Therefore, do not underestimate doing good at all.”

--Ibn Al-Qayyim (RA)

Everybody heals the broken pieces in different ways, some turn numb & block everyone out. When in despair turn to dua, when in need of regular guidance turn to prayer, when in
need of understanding turn to Allah. The harsh world makes some people bitter and some people softer,
depends on how you decide to heal your pain.

“It's good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it's good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven't lost the things that money can't buy.”

Passing Cloud
All rights reserved@Allah's presence

He batted his eye lids continuously to chase away the sleep creeping into him. The mechanical noise around him had no power to stop him falling asleep, but the ache in his heart had defeated his desires of a comfy bed and a peaceful sleep.

 He watched the lifeless body lying on the bed next to him. The oxygen mask could not hide the wrinkles of sufferings in her young face. Her heavy eye lashes were shut tightly as the dark rings around her eyes have not left room for them to open. The rhythm of her breathing made him breathe difficult.

 He thought the next moment he won’t be living to breathe. The thought forced his eyes to check the monitor next to her, changing its digits more often, the waves of her pulse rising up and down. The beep of the machine annoyed him; he couldn't sit there anymore, for he knew the truth. The lifeless machine will malfunction any time; it will stop leaving no troubleshooting options to the life. A warm drop of tear slid down wetting his carelessly trimmed beard.

He squeezed his eyes. they ached as a result of staring at the monitor for hours. But he had no choice; his email account was flooding with unread mails, business mails and notifications from his friends. He ticked most of the mails to delete without viewing them, for he knew what they said. 

As the clock struck he jumped on his seat, one after midnight and he was still staring at the computer, trying to sweep and clean his mailing account.he breathed out a heavy breath. It has been few days and he could not read a single mail. He shook his head and closed his eyes for a second, but closing his eyes closed the gate to the world he was living now and opened the door for the bitter truth he did not want to live in. 

He fluttered his eyes open and painfully stared back at the screen, his fingers shook as he tried to move the cursor. Scrolling down, his eyes stopped at the bottom of the mailing list, the sender’s name gave a shiver to his soul. His lips twitched slightly, mocking his helpless thoughts. His upper lip caught between the gritting teeth as he waited until the message was open.


Hi honey,
Assalamu Alaikum,
Hope and wish you are fine as always with the grace of Allah. How silly I am to type a message to the person whose breath can be felt while I typed this message, you are hand’s distance but still I feel like you are miles away from me. What am I doing waken up at this time?

Just want to say that I love you the very same way I did before, I’m sorry for hurting you with my sharp words when we had a row or two. It was not meant to hurt you but to bring you back to your commonsense. All what I feel now is that, my bad temper keeps you much away from me. But still I feel lonely when you neglected me, had time to talk to others and little to share with me. 

Sometimes I wished if I was your mobile phone or the television for you paid less interest to me than those gadgets. Please do forgive me, for sharply pointing out those mistakes of yours. It is not that I hate you, but it is because I love you, I want to spend every single second with you for I know this life is short. I fear to face the truth, the bitter truth in life. Today or tomorrow I won’t be there for you or you won’t be there for me. But still, I’m wrong. I should not hurt you.

May Allah guide you rightly, bring you under the shade of the truth. May Allah give you happiness alone, and keep you smiling always, may Allah, give you a highest rank in Jannah and grant you with a beautiful palace and fill it with laughter and joy, forgive you sins even the size of mustard seed and accept every good deed even the size of an atom, may Allah protect you from the greatest enemy and make you a person that shaitan fears to walk close to and a person whom Allah will love, Ameen!

That will be my duas for you, no matter whether you feel good or bad about me my dearest husband, and yes, I know even you pay little attention to me, you never betrayed me or will never hate me, it is just that you show less and store much in your heart.
Love you always,

Tears followed one another, rolling down veiling his eyes with moist. The computer screen blurred as his mind brushed the past. That was just another day to him, and for her. 

A bitter moment it had been that, he as usual ignored her when he lied down next to her. It was the best way to neglect her when she annoys him with her attitudes, she expected too much. 

He cannot spend the entire life making her happy, giving up all his desires. Why did she wanted to start a quarrel on that very same day, the world cup finals!
“wish you had more time to talk about our future than watching at that game!”

She had mourned when he switched the television. The cheering noises of the crowd streamed through the television and filled their small apartment. He frowned but did not hurry to reply her. 

Pretending as he did not hear was the best reply for such comments, he had thought angrily.
“wonder how you become deaf all in a sudden! Ah! Now he’s not deaf anymore…so answer, I don’t mind!”

As she began the telephone buzzed, and she snapped angrily. He picked the phone as he was the only living being in the house. The kids were fast asleep and who else was there? As usual it was a client. The anger was washed away and smiles and politeness embraced him. He was pleased to hear his client than hearing her endless complaints.

“how silly I am, talking to a person who continuously ignores me? This is the last time and yes, I will never talk to you”
She said tossing her head to a side, and then grabbed a bottle of water and strode into the room. His lips curled hearing her swearing.

 Wasn’t that what she always says, but she will talk to him, smile and giggle and then suddenly will begin the very same topic and begin a quarrel again and would end up swearing the same words.
On that night, when the match was over he walked in to the room and had been relieved to see her sleep hugging the little daughter. Although he felt sad for her, he had promised himself that he would make her smile tomorrow.

That was the day she had typed this message, drifting back to the message he thought painfully. Why had he waited for tomorrow? Why couldn’t he wake her up and say that he loved her? 

Why did he waste his time watching that match, without spending few more minutes to whisper something she would like? What made her feel miles away from him when he lied next to her? Why? Why? His heart throbbed; a lump of lava was burning in his throat making him difficult to swallow.

“We are sorry, but she is not cooperating!”
As the chief doctor said, he turned his gaze towards the woman lying on a hospital bed, feet’s away. His sharp teeth bit his lip to hold his tears. He felt as his throat was tied with a thin thread. The chief doctor tapped his shoulder and walked away leaving him alone in the room. He watched her, with clouding eyes.

“Why did you do this to me? We need you, my kids need you”
His beaten thoughts whispered. He paced slowly to the bed; his shaky fingers grasped her faint fingers. They were frozen, he rubbed as he could give back the warmth those slender fingers had before.

 The fingers which knew to stroke his hair when he desperately needed someone to care for him, the fingers which hurriedly cooked for him, the fingers which took care of his children, the fingers which had the power to sprinkle love when sadness crept into family, the fingers which were furiously had pushed his hand away when he had hurt her….the tears he tried to hold within him began to slid down freely. 

As his tears fell on to her hand, he felt her fingers move. He squeezed helplessly.
She opened her eyes slowly; he walked further close to her. The oxygen mask moved an inch as she tried to greet him with a pale smile. His grip tightened.

 He was lost in his thoughts as his eyes peeped into her eyes, swollen and reddened with tiredness. There had been a time he adored those beautiful eyes, there had been a time he admired her beauty, but as time passed he was tied with more duties and had less time to spend with her, his soul mate.

 She had been lonely when he had gone out, seen the world. All her world had been his home with his children. She had lived as a bird whose wings were cut short, for she had sacrificed many of her desires to please him and his family.

 All she expected in return was love but had he satisfied her with what she wanted? He loved her, still he loves her. But the ego has stopped him showing the love for her. Responsibilities blinded his eyes and held him tight not letting her know how important she was. 

Days were spent as there will be many years to live together. But how short the time he had spent with her? This was life, as regrets filled his heart he could feel how guilty he was. The guilty conscious made him low down his gaze helplessly.

He heard her weak voice. He swallowed the painful thoughts and looked at her, confirming her children will be taken care with love and love alone. That was the only memento she was leaving for him. He nodded trying to hold his tears, but he failed.

 A tear drop rolled down as a pearl from the corner of her eye and smudged on the white pillow.
“I will, I will take care of them…I promise you!

She lifted her right hand to point him. He bit her lip as sadness crept into his mind. How much love does she have for him and all what he did was ignoring her. He dropped himself to the wooden chair next to the bed. 

He hugged her hand and wept, for he did not know what else to do. He missed her, he already was missing her. How can he live without her presence? Why had he been ignorant all these days? 

Why hasn’t he seen the truth with a broad mind? He had neglected a precious stone for worthless rocks. Why? Why?
he felt her fingers running through his hair. He caught her right hand too and kissed every tip of her frozen finger with endless love.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I’m sorry…forgive me…i neglected you”
His voice trembled as he said pleadingly. What if he had listened to her? What was she complaining about? She wanted him to pay little more attention to the family, she wanted him to discuss with her before he took a decision regarding her family. Why had he been so selfish?

 Why had he not given chance for her to talk? Not because he thought himself superior, but he had thought she would not oppose. She had never opposed him with anything. She had been mourning yet finally she had supported him with his decisions, by giving him even a penny she saved.

She found her voice and said with a trembling voice. Hearing her pale voice pricked his heart with thousands of needles. He shook his head several times.
“why? Why do you have to leave me…I can’t …

He tried to speak but something heavy was stuck in his throat, it pulled every string of it down giving him a severe pain. At the very same time the beeps of the machine increased. Sweat gathered as he was panicked. He saw her finding difficult to breathe. The gap between the breaths stretched, watching her struggling he forgot to breathe.

 Tears began to roll down continuously and he screamed. His grip tightened her fingers. The waves in the machine began to change. The staff rushed in to the room, forgetting he was close to them. He watched them helping her to survive, but she was not helping them. 

His eyes veiled as he took a deep breath. Watching her suffering was painful. He had known her more than a decade, but she had been the other half of him. She had been his best friend, though they had bitter moments in life. She had understood him and sacrificed her life to please him and his children.

 She was too young to have a heart attack, but this was life. Death is for sure, someone in his mind whispered. How easy it had been to neglect the closer ones and please the strangers? How easy it had been to excuse a stranger for his faults and punish the one who was much closer? 

How easy it had been to give priority to worthless things and neglect the ones who crave for the love of ours? His mind blamed him; he watched her exhaling the last col breath out with a swollen heart. She had gone; leaving him beside, how can he express his love for her now? He kneeled down hugging his face, hiding himself from his guilty conscious.

It has been days, no one to complain, no one to quarrel and no one to annoy him with mails and messages, but still he missed them…he wished if he had given time to listen to them. She had been a passing cloud. He had been under the shade of her, feeling warmth and cold but then she had moved…he was left alone, watching the empty blue sky. There will be many clouds in the sky, but will not be the same cloud he had seen, loved and adored.

Life is meant to revolve around both ups and downs. when theres a turn to pass the dark tunnels be strong for you will surely see the light in no time . When you are inside the tunnel do not let people sympathies you or do not listen to the people who are pessimistic for it will put you down and will make you irrevocably weak and will destroy the hopes of seeing the glimpse of light at the threshold of the tunnel.

Naz Haider
All rights reserved@Allah's presence

Explosions in the background
Rock my hut as we eat
Ummi prays silently
While Abdullah hides under the sheet

We run outside
On the rubble we play
Bullets and guns, death and blood
Welcome the palestinian day

Whenever I shiver
At the sound of a bomb
To Allah I call out
Don't know why ummi cries
Abba has been sleeping long
And his name over and over she shouts

Ummi says life is unpredictable,
So she always holds us close
But I feel I will see a better day
For Ummi sweetens my cup
With a few drops of hope.

It hurts...

It hurts,
It hurts seeing someone cry
Crying in pain and loss
It hurts seeing those tears
Gliding down with agony
It hurts seeing them scream
Scream pleading for life

It hurts to see empty tables
It hurts to hear a child pleads for more
It hurts to see an elder refusing to eat
Instead, shares his morsel with his child
'You have to live, unlike me.'

It hurts to see her moistened eyes,
Purple rings circled around her once sparkled eyes
It hurts to listen to her melancholic story
How she lost her pride and dignity
The beauty of her was sucked along with her innocent soul
Leaving her with scars to suffer all her life

It hurts to see no arm stretched to comfort
A soft word to console
The world snored as we fought for our breaths
It hurts to see our sons being prisoned, chopped and buried
Our daughters being tortured, raped and killed

It hurts to see no love in hearts
It hurts to see that blood has no value
It hurts to see everything go unheard
Everything go unseen
I wish I was blind
I wish I was deaf and mute
I wish I lost my last breath
But I chose to see rather being blind
I chose to hear rather being deaf
I chose to voice rather being voiceless
I chose to face the reality rather running away from my life
Life isn't promised with smiles alone
The greater the trial the closer the love of the God will be
I wasn't born to be a loser
I'll fight, fight to live my life


Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Dear all...
Taqabbal Allahu minna wa minkum wa kullu 'aamin wa antum bikhayr (May Allah except it from us and you and many you be well every year)... Ameen...

Eid Mubarak.. May u have a prosperous and blessed Eid and may u have a joyous and spirited Eid day with all your loved ones.. Ameen...

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wishing you and your family blessings of Ramadhan....
Ramadhan Mubarak !!!
Pleases forgive me if i had hurt or wronged you in any way..

Friday, 27 June 2014

If... only you knew... the struggles i have to go through...each day.....

Everyday.. the degree of the struggles are different...varies immensely...

to a times i no longer feels that i could go on...

I'm grappling each day.. trying to keep afloat...

If... only you knew....that i am not strong enough as you think i am..

May be... u would understand more...

May be... you would be more empathetic towards me..

May be ... you would be here for me...

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Yesterday.. a kind wonderful soul had among other things given me a tasbih..the gesture had touched me so much so ..that it made me cry.. as she was the second person who had given them to me.. the first person was my beloved late grandma..

On one occasion ...few years ago..when we had our usual talks... suddenly she gets up and gently handed me these beautiful beads..tasbih..
i've still recalled vividly ...her every words..telling me to make good use of it..advising always remember i'm not alone... like always... she was there for me..These gesture although it does not occur to me at that time had me realize over time that she wanted to make sure that i would be alright.. handing a part of her.. 

Since then.. the tasbihs are always near me.. like the longing for me for Allah Ya Rabb n my dear grandma... right where its easy for me to reach.... where i could see... just by holding it comforts me... when i'm in pain.. when even taking painkillers doesn't help...when i'm sad and what other these temporary dunia problems has to offer...

When i get so overwhelmed.. when this heart would feels as though it would explode..i would hug them.. imagining... i'm being embraced by Allah Ya Rabb and  my beloved grandma.. Ya Allah Ya Rabb...especially at times like this.. i miss my late grandma n my late grandfather so...

May Allah gives mercy on them and gives them Jannatul Firdaus.. Ameen.. 

Never take for granted what Allah has given u..your health... every small blessings.. even it might be small for you but when it's gone you will long for it..treat your loved ones as though theirs or yours will be the last..             

Friday, 13 June 2014

The most beautiful of blessings is that of a sincere companion,
To know that there is just one someone
Who looks upon you,
And sees beyond your every imperfection,
Who accepts your failings,
And urges you to future triumphs;
Beautiful are those souls -
Rare gifts, sent from Heaven

At our hardest times,
Though we may have many people around us,
Our minds are in isolation,
And all we see before us, is the mountain that we have yet to climb;
Don't fear that loneliness -
It's presence serves merely to allow our inner strength to achieve new heights.

Sometimes, our humanness craves the raw comfort of knowing that we are not alone in our struggle; that there are those people in our lives who understand our pain, and do not dismiss the sorrow that we find ourselves in.

They stand by us, knowing that they have no solutions to our problems, but simply because they wish to see us slightly alleviated of our burden, and so they become a source of ease and happiness in our lives.

We don't always have to make things perfect, sometimes, just being attentive and considerate is enough to change the heaviness that life brings.

Many say, goodness gets you nothing but hurt in this life;
It takes a great deal of courage to meet this world with good when it has dealt you with much of sadness.
Let not that which forms around you
Determine what you become,
Be the best that you hope to be,
Never hoping for anything in return.

We are what we are,
And He knows Best.
Far from perfection,
But not as disgraced as others like to claim.
Those who know us,
They will always find a reason to love.
And those who loathe us,
They will find a reason to despise.
So please only One,
And the love of those worth loving,
Comes with ease.

The eyes are blind to what the heart does not wish to see,
We love what we love not because we chose it to be,
Our hearts are controlled by Him Alone,
So we find ourselves in quiet prayer,
Asking for a release to that place of peace,
Where our souls will roam in ease for eternity.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Tomorrow is my birthday.... i don't know why this year means more to me than the other previous years which i mostly let it past as though it was another day..

Maybe the reason being ...when i had looked back..especially my health lung failure, pneumonia, the 2 biopsies, previous scare of cancer.. many more which i had to endure..and life trials, problems.. had hit me real hard..

At times i encounter blessings which i had embraced and appreciated.. even the smallest ones.. and the greater ones seems more like a dream to me.. as i go through the motions.. each one priceless.. regardless what it is..

I had lost many loved ones and only Allah knows what i had to endured in this temporary dunia..lessons are priceless.. past n present..but each time when i felt lost... or hope.. trying to just grapple anything i could find..or the storm..Allah had send me precious souls or something hold on remind me.. the hidden blessings of it all..

Even if its hard to endure..or when in the midst of souls who choose to test and perceive u through their eyes and mind...forgiving is the only let is too short.. when a precious life could be taken in an instant..its sad when pain and hatred are chosen over loving memories...i live in the present not in the past... 





Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sometime ago i was visited by these beautiful kind souls ..
 i called them 'Angels fr Allah'..
There are 3 beautiful 'angels' accompanied by 2 little adorable 'angels' bearing gifts of hope and bounty..
They radiates the room just being there..
When i was looking at them..speechless and in awe..
Ya Allah.. ya rabb.. we are not related by blood... but they were willing to reach their hands to me, assisting, listening..
U had answered my duas ya Allah..Ya Rabb and i'm so grateful..
They are amongst the kind,beautiful, souls which you had send
to me..
Their beautiful souls radiates from within...
May Allah gives them blessings and gives them the best in this dunia and akhirah... Ameen..

Monday, 26 May 2014

Rare is the soul that takes from itself,
Protecting others, to find personal wounds reopened.
Rare is the soul that loves beyond measure,
Who is forgotten when ease settles,
And is recalled when times of distress come once again.
Rare is the soul that is ever-dependable,
Here at every moment,
But one wonders, for how long?


To place others before yourself is a rare attribute, and a blessing from Allah..
Those souls who endure such a path are often undervalued..
The ones who embrace this path with the greatest of commitment are those who realise their worth is not determined by those who fail to appreciate their service, but by reminding themselves of the warmth the heart feels knowing that a small action may have had a big impact on the life of another..

I wish you could take a walk in my mind,
See the sorrow that litters these gardens of joy.
If only for a moment,
You could see what I see,
Maybe then you would go easy on me.

"Who is there to pick you up..?"


That little flame that dances in our hearts,
It keeps us striving for what others may deem impossible,
It's the light where so many see darkness,
It is the freedom from the shackles of this dunya.

There are some hearts that feel everything so intensely.
When they hear of your pain,
They live it with you,
Becoming frantic in seeking it's end.
And when they love,
They love with all their heart,
Committing to that cause with gracious patience.
There is both a blessing and curse that these hearts endure;
They are so profoundly touched even by the slightest hint of emotion.

Those who love us and hold us dear,
They know what lies within,
Though we may not utter a single word,
And it is in those times of quiet
We come to learn who truly has the patience to remain constant in their care.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

How sad and hollow this place has come to be,
You look at me, and you think you know what I should be.
Your aspersions are based upon your own mind's influence,
You make judgement based upon the journey that you have uniquely paved.
Yet you assume that your way and your judgement is what is applicable to me,
But you fail to see -
I am walking my own paved path,
My pain is not for you to understand,
My pain is mine,
And only I can fathom it's depth.
Yet, this cycle will continue until time comes quietly to an end;

We expect, yet we fail to support.

When I bow in earnest prayer,
And my heart fails to find the words I wish to speak;
Knowing that you Know,
Makes the tears flow easily -
Your Answer will come,
And this pain will subside.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Wounds that wont heal!

They miss them in every meal
And they miss them when wounds don't heal
They miss not only their smile
But also their nagging once a while
They remember every scolding and each word
Within which love bloomed and bred
They miss them when they toss in bed
And think of the broken thread

When the world seems to sleep
Who would see the moist eye which weeps
Their reminders to read duas
Their worries and concern ever
They remember them on every happy occasion
They long for them in hidden sobs in gloom and tension

To those who have a mother
Think of those who yearn for theirs
Sit beside their feet and not higher than them
Speak soft and sweet and don't shout at them
Help them with a smile and be blessed (take their duas)
So that your place in jannah is sealed

A smile, a crime
-Binth Faizal
All rights reserved @ Allah's presence

My smile becomes a crime when a child cries out of pain,
Though she is far away in Syria, even out of sight in Palestine,
My smile becomes a crime when she's never known what it is.

My freedom prisons me in when I see her right behind the bars,
The legs and arms cling in fear and the terror befallen, dread scares,
When I see her die for her fault of birth.

My heart pounds in shock and shiver thinking what I would do,
If bombs, shells and drones come my way in winds' blows.
Still being struck in awe as to how she heals with those trembling thunders and quit at last.... Ya Ummathi

The root of envy is actually ignorance. Ignorance of this truth: All blessings come in pairs. With every blessing is a test.
You envy someone for their blessing, because you don't see their test.

"If flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes, so can you."

When our minds fool us with thoughts of deception,
Utter words to rid yourself of the despair they bring;
And we are safe again,
In the folds of His Mercy,
No harm will descend.

So many of us blindly follow,
But when we detach from the crowd
We begin to see with our hearts
And lose sight of others' projections.
Seek truth for what it is;
A resting light in the depths of our hearts.

Because only He can Give...

And so we wait,
For reason to settle in
Over the madness that has ensued.
Looking upon this path,
Hoping it becomes clear.
And so we wait.

Do not stop meeting the world with love, no matter how broken you are inside...

Monday, 5 May 2014

They say "don't lose hope",
And we know that's all we need to do.
But when it comes to the play,
There we are faced with the uphill;
The constant strife,
The never ending fight,
The need to battle each day that comes.

So all that is left,
Are the tears and the prayers;
"Give me the strength,
Let me see this through,
So when I stand before You,
The struggle can end,
And the way to peace
Is all that remains."
So we take each day,
And we look upon that hill,
Renewed in our will,
And holding fast to hope.

Life, it isn't quite black and white,
It's filled with many shades of grey.
People assume they know
But this road that is walked,
It's walked alone.
Each soul endures,
He knows our limits,
So no matter your place,
There's good yet to come.

What you see, isn't always reality, Take time and look beyond a superficial smile,
Actions do not always define who we are,
The condition of our heart,
Tells more than the assumed states of our souls.

I am what I am;
Some eyes behold me as hateful,
And others, adore.
My essence is not in what is perceived,
Leaving my actions misjudged,

By the reflections of this world.
The intent that lies within
Defines what truly is.
My honour and my dignity,
It lies in His Hands.

To Him I belong,
And to Him I will return.
So I no longer wish to spend my time,
Justifying my worth to those who know little of me.

No prayer is ever too late,
Sometimes we have to learn lessons through hardship to really ask that which we need,
And He grants us that which we could never have anticipated,
That, and more.
Therefore we ask Him,
Knowing only He can grant it,
Even if what we wish to have
Seems almost impossible,
Nothing is beyond Him,
And He knows Best.
So we ask Him..

The world falls silent,
Leaving only thoughts,
Rippling through the mind,
Reminding of pains gone by.
How the silence can kill,
Or unleash a desire to live.

This world is a place of judgement,
Opinions rife on matters that we should be of no concern,
Everyone seems to offer their tuppence,
Would time not be better spent
Focusing on that which is within?
Our personal shortfalls,
And those few triumphs that may come.
This journey is our own,
What others think,
Holds little bearing.

For some of us,
Strength is all about the pretense...

"Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are."

We think that every soul that walks alongside us
Will remain beside us forever.
There will come a time,
Our most trusted of companions
They, too, will no longer comfort our sides.
Say to those that enlighten your life,
The words that the heart wishes to say,
Do not leave matters unsaid -
Break down the wall of silence that has been built,
Utter the words that your heart wishes to say.

When sleep doesn't come,
And all that descends
Are endless thoughts
Like raindrops falling
On fertile lands.
With each drop that falls
Another seed grows,
Endless thoughts take over the night,
Leaving sleep forgotten
Until the morning light.

We owe it to ourselves to ensure we pursue that which is right,
To seek happiness in the best of ways,
And to know,
No matter our situation,
It's okay to get it wrong;
That's the only way lessons can be learnt.

Then we find ourselves at that place again,
Familiar grounds,
Filled with familiar emotions.
How life takes us full circle,
In order to teach us lessons we seek,
Or seize opportunities that we narrowly missed.
And so, we find ourselves at that place again,
Facing past sorrows,
This time, with a desire to rise higher,
Leaving no place for regret.

When life is accompanied with beautiful souls,
Present at times of sadness and joy.
The burdens of life,
They become suddenly easier,
And less painful to bear.
The beautiful souls are a mercy from the Most Merciful;
Generous gifts,
Reminders of His Love.

Much is lost in this worldly life,
It remains an empty place,
Filled with sadness and pain.
Each of us lays our future plans.
Hopes of much joy ahead.
It seems to be we get lost in the blur;
This life was never meant to follow our plan.
So we walk each day,
With hope and prayer;
Aspiring to gain all that our heart's desire,
With the single hope -
It brings us closer to You, Ya Rabb.

How we look on to others' paths,
Assuming their conditions are disdainful.
How we assume the worst
Of those who sincerely are owed our respect.
We look at a soul,
Thinking we know what lies within their depths.
Truth be told,
We are without the right to judge.
Time would be better spent,
Being more mindful of our broken selves.

There are those souls
Who give pieces of themselves to protect others.
It is these souls that are so easily dismissed,
Forgotten and neglected,
Thrown aside as though never existent.
But it comes to be,
When those they protected, walk down their road of life,
Suddenly feeling the absence of such precious souls,
When they look deep within themselves,
They find the fragments of those precious souls,
With which they were once so completely protected.

Every soul is filled with goodness,
But each soul has the potential to err.
With those whispers of shaytaan,
That cause stirrings from deep within,
Rising slowly to the surface,
Only to find ourselves suddenly
At a place so unknown.
"This was not I!"
"I never meant for this to be"
And remorse is all that is left,
Coupled with repentance,
When faced with our realities.
In desperate need of His Mercy.

So when the storm of Fitnah ascends,

Do not allow it to consume you with it's strength.
Shelter your heart,
And take a moment to step back;
To react is too easy,
But to remain silent whilst the devil whispers otherwise
That is true strength.

Each of us has beauty unique to ourselves,
Something that defines our own gracious ways.
Whether it be the nature of our soul,
Or the perfection of our physique,
Allah granted us all,
Beauty seen by those who know.

Offer a hand before you push another down,
It may be through your actions,
Hope is restored in a fragmented heart.
Be kind,
Knowing that it illuminates your heart,
And the hearts of others too.

The thoughts of people dictate our actions
Where our personal happiness become a source of sorrow.
Pleasing others in the hope we escape scrutiny,
Yet if more time was spent pleasing Allah,
We would come to find,
His beautiful Promise;
Secure His love, and the love of the people comes to be.

Did the devil deceive us,
Have we been fooled by our hearts?
Which path to take,
Remains so unclear.
One can only hope and pray,
Falling in prostration.
"Ya Rabb don't leave me,
I'm lost again,
So I seek your Help."
There we stand,
At the crossroads that lie before us,
Knowing, the next step will tell.

Foolish is the one who thinks life is without choice,
What we choose,
He knows,
But He has allowed us that choice.
We are able to form our destiny,
Change it with prayer,
And be granted the fulfilment of our hearts desire.
So how to get there?
Seek Him Alone.

To be a stranger amongst the most familiar,
Truly pains the heart and soul.
To be known, but so unknown
Deeply hurts the searching soul.
To be close, yet so far,
That breaks the heart into a million tiny pieces.

I ask You,
Because no-one else can help.
I ask You,
Because only You truly understand.
I ask You,
Because You never grow tired of my tears.
I ask You,
Because You never break Your Promise.
I ask You,
Because You are my Rabb, and I am Your slave;
Eternally, I hope to remain.

Much love to those beautiful souls who see us in our fragmented state, yet by simply believing in us, they heal our many pains...

Opinions voiced
On false understanding
Break the fragile hearts
Of those who are misunderstood.
You have not walked this life of mine,
Until you do,
Hold silent on my current state.

There are those who see right to the depths of our souls,
Who see our pain,
Though our faces wear a smile,
Who mask our weakness,
And strive to help us realise our strengths,
These souls,
They are our truest companions,
Too precious to let go.

The one who surpasses the trial,
Is the one who falls low,
And gladly so.
Knowing that it is from here,
With a face kissed to the ground,
One has achieved the highest level of regard
In the Sight of the One to whom we belong.

Foolish is the one
Who abuses the trust of a pure and giving soul;
The one that gives of themselves
Only to see another excel.
The one who protects a trust,
Knowing it's depth and worth.
So foolish is the one
Who abused the gift from their Lord,
Of the beautiful soul that gave,
Yet another simply dismissed.

Silently we stand,
Looking upon the path that lies ahead.
No certainty exists,
But that in the heart.
There is knowledge of Him,
And His Promise to us;
Trusting in Him,
And taking each step.
This path holds the best certainty;
The light of faith,
Amidst the darkness of this life.

The conversations that never came to be,
The sentiments that never got shared,
The moments that passed in silence,
When there was much that remained to be said.
So what remains,
But the turmoil of emotions that brew within our minds,
Hoping one day,
Peace descends in their place.

If we've earned trust,
We've earned a place in their heart..

We assume that each of us holds expectations that are mountains high,
Yet, there are some who hold simple expectations;
To be at peace, to be loved and to be missed.
And so we strive in this life to make a change,
To leave positive impacts wherever we may go,
In the simple hope,
We achieve goodness,
In this life and the next.

Reading his words makes you appreciate the sheer beauty of our imperfection.

It is only through our broken state that we walk upon a path of seeking wholeness.

On this path, we find many a beautiful thing, and someday, with the Help & Mercy of Allah, we find that something that makes us complete, whilst embracing the imperfections that we hold.

Take my hand
In the darkness,
Bring me back into the light.
Do not allow me to fall
If you cannot remain, to help me up.
Take my hand,
And hold it firmly.
Together we can face the most arduous journey.

There's a fine line between overthinking and caring.
A line which our minds find themselves crossing quite often.
To think about others deeply in the hope of saving them from inadvertent pain,
That can be deemed noble,
But we must also aim to protect ourselves from inadvertent harm when our minds start overthinking a scenario.
When in doubt, just open the doors to communication,
And rest that over

thinking mind of ours!

It is only when the heart and soul are touched by love so profound that the mind becomes overcome.
In a place where we constantly fought battles with our inner demons,
We find alongside us,
An angelic companion that urges us to victory.
Where there was once a feeling of loss,
Ease has now returned.

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes
Because for those who love with heart and soul
There is no such thing as separation.

You look upon your own self,
And perfection is all you perceive,
And when your eyes fall upon myself,
There you see a soul,
Littered solely with flaws.
Yet, the reality is plain to see;
When you look upon me,
Well, that is simply a reflection
Of that which lies within yourself.

How a single word,
Uttered with haste,
Destroys the gardens of goodness that grow within our minds.
Yet again, we speak
Without giving our words much thought,
Breaking hearts,
And wounding souls,
With every word that is thrown.

Our hearts seek peace
Frantically throughout our lives.
There is a desperate desire
To find a state of ease.
So wildly we roam
Hoping to attain a heart that is tamed.
Know that your existence has changed at least one person's life..
We can all be a positive in the lives of others...

How tiring it becomes,
Ensuring others' happiness,
And in the midst,
Losing your own.
How the false smile masks many pains,
And only few notice the tears that silently call.

Do not look upon others with expectations of perfection,
Each of us is woven from a multitude of flaws,
Yet when we walk this path with the beautiful companions,
The journey is made easier,
Simply from the masking of our flaws,
And so we find ourselves beautified, More than if we had walked alone.

So confined a place this has come to be,
Only yesterday I looked upon the vastness of tomorrow,
But now I stand here,
Longing to be away,
To find the peace of that place
Where my heart longs to go.

There is beauty in those who never waiver in their support,
Who stand beside you no matter what may be coming your way.
Loyalty is a rare diamond,
Too precious to let slip away.

We have all had that special soul (or souls) that crossed our path and made us realise that we have the potential to be more than we settled to be.

Those souls who reignite the fire in our hearts and awaken us from our slumber, allowing us to see the light that we were previously blind to.

Such beautiful souls, who never allow us to forget the beauty of who we can be, and so in turn, we enhance their beauty too.

Those beautiful souls; God bless you with goodness, now and forever.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

{ MOTHERLESS CHILD} How cool and kind shade you had;
for my sake you remained in pain,
made me happy when time was bad,
O;my MOM!please come once again.
Who will lull me ;how can I sleep!
I am wailing , you left me alone,
time has given me wounds deep,
I don;t believe that you have gone.
Who will give me what I need,
none to persuade when I cool down,
the book of tyrany i have to read,
known to everyone; but now unknown.
I know you will never come back,
I will miss you till last breath;
how can I come on the track,
how you snatched her O; cruel death,
I would say if MOTHER is alive;
Go and sit under heavenly shade;
how long parents will survive?
A day will come and all will fade.

 O Allah help all child who have no parents

 O Allah! Apply honey to those whose there life are bitterness, Make them happy when they are sad, always make them smile when they are in sorrow. Allahumo Ameen

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Allah saves a person when their
world crumbles. He gives you
strength at difficult times - the
kind of strength that you just
know is not from you but can only be from Him. And He allows your soul to soar when it is pushed over the cliff by the calamities of life.

When you feel like you can't keep going, turn your heart to Allah and say this: "I can't. But You can. I'm weak. But You're strong. Take me in, not because of me--but because of You. Your mercy is stronger than my weakness. Your perfection is greater than my humanness. I besiege You to replace what's lost, mend what's broken, and allow my hope in You to kill my despair.

Friday, 28 February 2014

“When someone is crying, of course, the noble thing to do is to comfort them. But if someone is trying to hide their tears, it may also be noble to pretend you do not notice them.”

Truly powerful people have great humility. They do not try to impress, they do not try to be influential. They simply are. People are magnetically drawn to them. They are most often very silent and focused, aware of their core selves. ... They never persuade, nor do they use manipulation or aggressiveness to get their way. They listen. If there is anything they can offer to assist you, they offer it; if not, they are silent.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

When in sorrow or in pain remember there is ALWAYS going to be someone who is in a situation that is much worse.
The very same hands you use to wipe your tears..
Use those very hands & make Du'a...

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Yesterday a big tissue was taken from me and was sent to biopsy to see if it's cancerous or it has other complications.Will only know in a few weeks time. Please make dua/prayers for me to get well soon and the results of the biopsy will be negative for cancer and other complications. Jazakallah khair/thank you very much.... 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

I've been really sick for a while and ambulance had to be called. I've just been discharged today but i need to go for further check ups and appointments hoping it won't be serious and had to be admitted again. Please keep in me your duas(prayers) and thoughts for me to get well soon.. thank you ...jazaakallah khairan :)

Monday, 27 January 2014

Zaid, four year old found out that mixing sand and water together would help him form clay. He was questioning whether this was the way Allah created us. Little minds work so fast and observe a lot subhanAllah!
The lesson learnt, when sand and water were apart he couldn't mould anything, but together he could. 
Mama added, being with your sister together you can do wonders, fighting and staying apart you can't gain anything much!

Hirah, three year old found these and she found a gem of a lesson.
"Leaves, they are different."
Mama added, 'leaves are different like us, children!'