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Thursday, 23 October 2014

When we see some goodness and our first reaction is to nitpick it to find some type of fault or shortcoming in it, it's time to check our own heart.

In times of difficulty think of those who have it worse and are still patient; in times of ease think of those who have less and are more grateful.

Don't give personal advice to someone whom you know nothing about.

And I would add "Don't listen to someone who doesn't bother to understand you but still feels he/she should give you personal advice."

Trash talk, sly comments, mocking others with jokes or sarcasm; all signs of low self esteem.

If gaining knowledge hasn't increased you in humility, it’s time to check your heart.

While trying to get the whole world to love you, you may miss out on the love of the few who really matter.

There is a big difference between just communicating and communicating with care and understanding.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

You can learn so much about yourself from other people: your weaknesses from their strengths; your strengths from their weaknesses; the routes to avoid from their stumbles; the paths to take from their successes. You can learn so much about yourself from other people, yet too often you look with your eyes closed.

"Beauty lies in the ability to see without the lenses of society."

"Less may be more, but more love for yourself and less regard for what people think of you goes an extremely long way."

"You may have placed a ring on her finger, but she did not give herself to you freely -she loaned you her goodness conditionally."
The talkers will always talk, and those who're true to you will walk... with you.

Wrapped in my blanket of emotion, I forgot to look on the coin's other side. While I wallowed in self-pity, I didn't see you silently cry.

"You are angry because she doesn't speak, yet her silence is saying much more than you're willing to hear."

In order for the sun to rise she must turn her back to the darkness of her past. Tomorrow can't be present without yesterday being history.

Harmony is when you appreciate and accept another person's melody as an integral part of your life's soundtrack

Sure, you can bend over backwards, but don't lament when your back breaks during the process of trying to be someone you're not.

Self-doubt rears its head when you're feeling overwhelmed. Take a few steps back, breathe, laugh and move forward again, a step at a time

Although she was smiling, I enclosed her in an embrace and whispered, "Darling, it's going to be okay." Her smile cracked and a flood of tears gushed from the scars left by the pain of a thousand yesterdays. Her sadness had been broken - she was ready to start healing.

It's the small acts of kindness that leave the greatest mark, but are usually the ones that are overlooked. Kinda sad, really.

Choose your words carefully, even those uttered in jest, for their weight cannot be pre-measured.
"Every tunnel has an exit," she said. "You might not be able to see the light yet, but it's there."

Expending emotional energy on what others say/do is pointless - you only have control over your own thoughts and actions. Keep things moving.

A quiet anger - she knows an explosion is far more dangerous than her silence, so she looks on and jostles the words in her mind.

We're afraid of what we'll hear, so we surround ourselves with noise. Allow your inner voice some airtime by giving it a stage of silence.

Gentleness is the sort of breeze we hardly ever feel, and harshness is the whirlwind we're often surrounded by.

While you shouldn't anticipate people will act according to your standards, never lower your standards due to the way people treat you.

Tonight, nothing flashes except memories - not of days old, but days that are so fresh I can peel them from my mind and wrap them around me like clingfilm, and still feel their warmth.

"Don't expect light from anyone but the Source of light itself, but be a bearer of light without extinguishing your internal flame."

Her eyes speak louder than words.

"The victory of a battle isn't dependent on whether you live or die, but whether your faith remains unscathed."

"You throw chips to crack her mirror because you can't bear to look at yours."

The mind jostles with words and eyelids quiver under the weight of fatigue. What a battle.

So many of us carry bundles of anger and resentment around with us, dressed in everything but their true nature. Where's the dumping ground?

Those trials you're going through – that heartache, the pain, the tears and restless nights – they'll be a source of guidance for someone someday as you narrate how you got through it and survived to tell the tale.

There's no darkness that can't be overcome by light. Hang in there, because the sun still rises, declaring a new day.

Today I saw the look of blood in a young man's eyes. Thirsty to thrust the vice of his anger into the chest of another. And today I saw the look of fear in a young man's eyes. He dodged the advances of his pursuing adversary, fright etched into his face.

Today I saw how important it is to think before acting; to breathe before allowing flames of anger to consume common sense; to cast aside the ego and let bygones be bygones.

Today I saw how truly destructive we can be, and it's times like this that I never want to see.

Words can soothe - a comfort to chase away fears. And they can cut deep - leaving the soul to bleed through tears. Choose them carefully

Too often there is so much focus on a person’s exterior while interiors rot, leading to souls emitting an overpowering stench of hypocrisy.

Focus on the fine details for too long, and you lose sight of the bigger picture.

Silence can be sweet, but it can also be poisonous.

You reach out, but all you can grasp is their shadow.

“It’s impossible to silence the heart.
My eyes speak for me
even when I make sure my mouth does not.”

Today, eyes see...

Today, eyes see her book laid out before me, each delicate page laced with memories. I scoot closer as she breathes the words for my attentive ears, momentarily pausing to swipe at trickling tears. I don't look into her eyes as my ears are enough to recognise pain, and who wants to see demons that you once thought had been slain? When she closed her book, a smile curled in the corner of her mouth. "There is sadness in my past, but I refuse for that to be what my present is about."

I wondered why somebody didn't do something. Then I realized, I am somebody.

I've heard some of the most breathtaking verbal life collages from the broken. Despite being on the mend, still gathering themselves, constantly adjusting their compass, and stumbling on their path to being whole again, they have a glint of determination that twinkles in their eyes that only the once broken can recognize.

There's no moral, simply an affirmation that things *do* get better. They do.

In His Name I start
to start over from a better point
than yesterday

And it's in His Name
I rise
skin can be shed and grown thicker
than yesterday's

And it's His Name I adorn my tongue with.
His Name I warm my home with.
His Name that lightens loads I never have to carry alone.

His Name.

It's in His Name
I restart
to start over from a better point than yesterday.

In His Name.

Question paper is ready, the answer script is ready. Teacher knows you well and knows how you will face the exam. Yet you are asked to face the exam and the marks will be given accordingly. Do your exam well!

That's the reality of this life!

~A drop of dew~

The one you take as granted is not having a life full of excitement and joy. It's only that she/he is trying to become selfless and lending you a hand despite her/his miseries, for the sake of Allah!

We know they burst any moment and we are not going to reach our target by sending them off. Yet we release balloons to the sky. It makes one happy to see the colourful sight. Sometimes in life, little things that doesn't count too much bring joy into hearts.

Put down the heavy package of sorrows and laugh for a while. You deserve to be happy!

Do you think only you are having problems that have no solution? Do you feel you are restless due to this complicated life style so that you can't smile and have a peaceful time? Then you are wrong! Get close to a child and spend a little time with him/her. Then you will realise that they have the biggest problems to solve yet they don't beat their soul to find solution.
Give up when you can't bear it anymore. We are not meant to be perfect in this life. A tortured soul will not guide you towards success, it only leads towards depression!