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Thursday, 29 November 2012

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Words are simple
-Azzah Farah
All rights reserved @Allah's presence

Smiling face never knows what real smile is
Smiling from my heart trying to forget the sadness
I feel am worrying for others not caring about me
Some times it happens -

My Almighty Allah never forget me ,
He always cares for me
World is nothing ,
do every thing for sake of Allah.
Reminding this to myself.

With Silent smile I look at the nature .
From my heart and lips I say "سبحان الله"
My heart thinks silently
Tears wet my cheek, Reminding me of 'Gaza'
"الحمد لله" , He kept me in a safe place .
I am Worrying for small problems of mine
when i see our ummah in 'Gaza' my problems count nothing

O Allah give the strength
To the people in 'Gaza'
Make their heart strong in Islam
Give them Success in this world & Life after death
Forgive our Mistakes and accept our good Deeds
"سُبْحَانَ اللّهِ وَ بِحَمْدِهِ"

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


My son, This is a letter of injury from your poor mother, who wrote in shyness after much delay and hesitation. Often, she had picked up a pen and was stopped by a tear! And she would stop the tear, only that the heart's wailing would prevail.

'My son...after all this time, I see you a matured man, of sound mind and balanced emotions. It is my right over you that you should at least read this paper, and then if you wish, you can rip it, as you have ripped at the corners of my heart before.

'My son...more than twenty years ago, it was a bright and sunny day in my life when the doctor told me I was pregnant. Mothers, my son, know the meaning of this word well! It is a blend of joy and rapture, and the beginning of pain marked by physical and emotional changes. And after those glad tidings, I carried you nine months inside me with jubilant happiness. I rose with difficulty, and I slept with difficulty. I ate with difficulty, and I breathed with difficulty. Only none of this lessened my delight and love for you.

Instead, my love grew more with the days and a longing for you flourished within me.

'I carried you, my son, enduring weakness upon weakness, and pain upon pain, delighting at your movement, and rejoicing at your weight's increase, though it was for me, a heavy burden. It was long suffering, after which came the dawn of a night I did not sleep in or close my eyelids. I acquired of suffering and anguish, and of fear and alarm, what neither a pen can describe nor a tongue utter.

'The hurt grew so severe I lacked strength to cry, and I saw death with my eyes several times. This lasted until you came out into the world, when the tears of your screams mixed with the tears of my bliss, and removed all my torment and injury. Even in my pain, I held you in tenderness and kissed you before they could take you away and wash you with a single drop of water.

'My son... years have passed of your life as I have carried you in my heart and bathed you with my hands. I made my lap for you a bed and my bosom for you nourishment. I was awake during my nights so you could sleep and laboring during my days so you could be happy. My wish, everyday, was to see your smile, and my pleasure, every moment, that you should ask for something I could make for you. These things were the peak of my ecstasy.

'The days and nights passed and I was still in that state: an attendant servant who did not neglect and a nurse who did not stop; a worker who did not rest and a supplicant for your good and success who did not slacken. I watched you day after day until your body strengthened and your youthful energy turned righteous, and the signs of manhood began to appear in you. I found myself running left and right, searching for you for the kind of wife you requested.

'The date of your marriage came, and the time of your wedding neared. At this, my heart tore, and my tears ran, out of joy for your new life and sadness at your parting. After that, the hours passed heavily, and the moments slowly, and then I suddenly realized you were not my son that I knew. Your smile had vanished, your voice had disappeared, and your expression grown sullen. You have forsaken me and forgotten my rights!

'The days pass and I watch for your countenance and wait with a yearning sorrow to hear your voice. Your abandonment has grown long, and the days have spread out. I have stared patiently at the door, hoping you might come, and listened expectantly for the sound of the ringing phone until I thought myself delusional. And here the days have extended and the nights grown dark, and I neither see you nor hear your voice. You have disregarded the person who took care of you with the best of human care.

'My son, I don't ask but little. Put me in the place of your slightest friend, the farthest from your regard. Make me, my son, one of your monthly stations, so that I see you then if only for a sparing time.

'My back has arched and my limbs have shriveled. I have been wearied by ailments and visited by sickness. I do not rise except with adversity, nor sit except with hardship, and my heart still throbs with love for you.

'My son, whenever I learn that you are happy in your life, my happiness and joy increase. I am puzzled, when you are the product of my toils. What sin have I reaped that I have become an enemy you cannot stand to see, and whose visit is so burdensome? Did I falter some day in your treatment, or neglect for a moment your attendance? Make me like the rest of your servants whose rights you give to them, and grant me a part of your mercy. Award me with some of my recompense, and be good, for Allah loves the doers of good.

'My son, I wish to see you! I don't want other than that! My heart has broken, and my tears have flowed, and you are alive and receiving sustenance. I hear people still talk about your refined manners and gracious conduct. Let me see, if nothing else, the frown of your face, and the features of your anger.

'My it not time for your heart to soften to a frail woman worn out by longing and restrained by mourning; a woman who has made grief her emblem and distress her garment; a women whose weeping you have caused, whose heart you have saddened, and whose kinship you have broken?

'My is the door to heaven before you, so pursue it, and knock upon it. Perhaps I will meet you there by my Lord's mercy as it camein the Hadith: 'The parent is the best door to paradise. So if you want, you may ignore this door or pay attention to it' [narrated by Imam Ahmed]

My son, I know that since your height has increased and your shoulders broadened, you have been looking for reward and merit. Perhaps today you have forgotten the words of the Prophet Sallalahu alaihi wasallam : 'The best of deeds to Allah is prayer at its proper time, then kindness to the parents, then Jihad in the cause of Allah [agreed upon].' Here then is that reward without the waging of battles or slaying of enemies, so where are you from the best of deeds?

'My son, I warn you from being of those meant by the Prophet ﷺ when he said: 'Let him be humbled, let him be humbled, let him be humbled.' It was said: 'Who, oh Messenger of Allah?' He said: 'Whomever finds his parents in their old age, one or both of them, and does not enter Paradise' [Muslim]

'My son, I will not raise the complaints or disclose the sorrow, for it they rise above the clouds and reach the sky's door, you will be seized with the evil of ungratefulness. Punishment will come down to you, and your living be overtaken with calamity. No, I will not do that. You are still my son, a piece of me. You are the flower of my heart, and the delight of my life.

'Wake up my son. Old age is overtaking you, and years will pass and you will soon become an aged father. Reward is given according to doing, and you will write letters to your son with tears as I have to you. And with Allah, adversity gathers.' Son, fear Allah in your mother, and be constant to her, for heaven is at her feet. Brush away her tears, and ease her sadness, and if you still insist, then rip her letter.

And know, that whomever does good, it is for himself, and whomever doe evil, it is against him.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

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Hearts that have been shattered but rebuilt with Allah will always be stronger inshaAllah. The love and mercy Allah provides for His servants, no one else can; the trust and dignity Allah provides, no one else can; the hope and courage Alla
h gives, no one else can. People will always let us down, make promises they cannot keep, utter words which they do not mean but Allah is Al-Wadud, the All Loving, His love is pure and He never breaks His promises. There really is no greater comfort in life other than knowing Allah is aware of how we feel. He is the All-Aware, the Provider, the Healer, the Caretaker of us all.

What A woman wants ? : A good husband who reminds her of Allah at the time of hardship he would comfort her and say ” Do not be sad my dear wife,verily Allah is with us “

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

When a hurricane touched down in a small town nearby, many families were left devastated. Afterward, all the local newspapers carried many human interest stories featuring some of the families who suffered the hardest. One Sunday, a particu

lar picture especially touched me. A young woman stood in front of a totally demolished mobile home, an anguished expression twisting her features. A young boy, seven or eight years old, stood at her side, eyes downcast. Clutching at her skirt was a tiny girl who stared into the camera, eyes wide with confusion and fear. The article that accompanied the picture gave the clothing sizes of each family member. With growing interest, I noticed that their sizes closely matched ours. This would be a good opportunity to teach my children to help those less fortunate than themselves.
I taped the picture of the young family to our refrigerator, explaining their plight to my seven-year-old twins, Mohammad and Abdullah , and to three-year-old Ayesha. "We have so much, and these poor people now have nothing," I said. "We'll share what we have with them."

I brought three large boxes down from the attic and placed them on the living room floor. Ayesha watched solemnly as the boys and I filled one of the boxes with canned goods and other nonperishable foods, soap and other assorted toiletries. While I sorted through our clothes, I encouraged the boys to go through their toys and donate some of their less favorite things. Ayesha watched quietly as the boys piled up discarded toys and games. "I'll help you find something for the little girl when I'm done with this," I said.

The boys placed the toys they had chosen to donate into one of the boxes while I filled the third box with clothes. Ayesha walked up with Fulla, her worn, faded, frazzled, much-loved rag doll hugged tightly to her chest. She paused in front of the box that held the toys, pressed her round little face into Fulla's flat, painted-on-face, gave her a final kiss, then laid her gently on top of the other toys. "Oh, Honey," I said. Ayesha nodded solemnly, eyes glistening withheld-back tears. "Fulla makes me happy, Mommy. Maybe she'll make that other little girl happy, too."

Swallowing hard, I stared at Ayesha for a long moment, wondering how I could teach the boys the lesson she had just taught me. For I suddenly realized that anyone can give their cast-offs away. True generosity is giving that which you cherish most. Honest benevolence is a three-year-old offering a treasured, albeit shabby doll to a little girl she doesn't know with the hope that it will bring this child as much pleasure as it brought her.
I, who had wanted to teach, had been taught.

If I fasted everyday for the rest of my life, I still wouldn't feel the amount of suffer I see in this picture

Sunday, 11 November 2012

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~True Belief Never Goes Vain~
Fathima Besuna Sadiki
All rights reserved@Allah’s presence

There is a reason behind every single thing. I am sick for last three months and I am wondering all the time “why?” because not a single doctor could find out what exactly it is with me that makes me vomit. They did every single test to diagnose yet all reports came back normal. Not a single mouthful digested not even water stayed down. I suffered a lot. I don’t know if anyone could bel

ieve if I say I lived a whole three months on saline with the blessings of ALLAH. Only thing I could eat was one banana per day. I say Alhamdhulillah for that too. I had no strength to stand; I fainted so often; always needed someone to hold me.
First weeks during my sickness all were so worried and tried hard to look after me and they really took care of me as they can’t live without me. I was really happy to have such people around me Alhamdhulillah! Then when it came to months and still I was not well, besides my sickness had grown and I was fully weak both physically and mentally; I saw people moving away from me. They saw me as headache. I must say not all but some. There are lots till caring about me making heartiest dhuas for me. Some tried to take me to healers I strictly refused saying “ALLAH is there for everything” some scared to visit me thinking a ‘jinn’ may be within me, and my house is haunted because it’s a new one, and some said “ah she is acting… she is acting to take attention..” those words made me stressed so that took me to mentally ill kinda type Subhanallah! Could one can really act with her health? I don’t know, but I can’t because I know ALLAH is watching us.
I was admitted in the hospital several times yet with no positive result. Eventually they sent me to the psycho patients ward subhanallah! I can’t express my feeling while entering to that ward, still my family members don’t know about that except my husband. After having a chat with me the psychologist decided that I am not a psycho patient but I am a depressed patient I need not be admitted there yet have to take medicine which he prescribed and asked me to have them at least for six months, if not I’ll be a one among those patients. It was the day of Eid-ul Adha, I cried not in front of him but alone I pleaded ALLAH; why this happened to me? Why the doctors say so? Why my health deteriorates? When the clock struck 12 o’clock I saw my husband entering to the ward. He saw me crying and I said: “I want to go home; I can’t stand it here anymore; please take me home” but doctors refused. We hid all those things from our own family. We do not want to bother them on the day of festival. Especially I can’t see my dad and my entire family suffering and see me with commiserative eyes.

From the beginning my cousin sister used to tell me “try unnani medicine, you will find relief with help of ALLAH!” So at last we, me and my husband decided to go for that. We found a Hafees from Digana, Sri Lanka who is a unnani doctor plus a Hafees, he mostly uses Qur’anic medicines which our Prophet Sallallaahu alahi wasallam said and did. He gave several handmade liquid medicines but no positive result was seen. He too worried and he suggested us to go for ‘cupping’ yet he said he can’t do it now because I am that much weak to do so but he did ‘dry cupping’ Alhamdhulillah my vomiting has stopped but till I can’t eat heavy foods as rice and all but Alhamdhulillah All praise to ALLAH alone for what I am now. In sha ALLAH for complete recovery I have to face for a complete cupping after a month. Till then I have to take rest and not to stain myself for anything and no hard work because I am that much physically weak.
From the beginning; to now I never forget ALLAH is with me. I knew and know HE is testing my Sabr. “Innallaaha Ma’as Saabireen”. HE does so because HE love HIS, this slave… that’s how I believe. What ever happened I never gave up my prayers. Yes there was a time I was not able to stand up with my feet so I used a chair to make contact with my Rabb and can you believe there was a time that I couldn’t sit in a chair either, so I sat on the ground and performed my salah. And sad to say I missed several prayers because of the dosage. I started hating people and I stopped talking with them. I sat sat on the ground and talked with my Rabb. I said every single feeling of mine to HIM. I did zikr mostly “ La’ilaaha Illah anta subhanaka inni kunthu minal lalimeen!” My Rabb kept me safe even without food, how Merciful HE is Subhanallah! I survived Because of my true believe in ALLAH and my beloved ones dhuas. There is no greater medicine than dhuas. Alhamdhulillah now I feel quite better and as per to the Hafees In sha ALLAH, have to wait another month for complete recovery if ALLAH wills.
I still didn’t find any answers for my “why’s” yet ALLAH taught me better lessons out of it. That’s why they say everything happens for the greater good. HE showed me what kind of people are around me, how they change, who is real and who is fake. Most of all HE taught me what is dhunya, how Powerful my Rabb is. Now I really don’t care about the month no matter if it increases for another year I know ALLAH is with me. The Better PLANNER. What else one need in this dunya than Rahmath of ALLAH! If not today I’ll be alright tomorrow because I know True Belief Never Goes In Vain. “HasbhiALLAHU Wa’ni;hmal Waqeel”.

Jazahkallahu khair for Hafees Abdul Shukr, and each and every soul who made and still making dhuas for my speedy recovery. May ALLAH keep you all safe and Rewards you the best in this dhunya and Ak’ira as well.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

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Do not judge me until you know me, 
Do not underestimate me until you have challenged me,
do not talk about me until you have talked to me.

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A loving heart is the truest 

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not all the scars show
not all wounds heal
often we dont see
the pain someone feels

Saturday, 3 November 2012

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Just because her eyes don't tear, doesn't mean her heart doesn't cry. Just because she comes off strong, doesn't mean there's nothing wrong. Being brokenhearted is like having broken ribs. On the outside it looks like nothing's wrong, but inside every breath hurts. The same woman who smiles and talks non-stop, is the same one who cries herself to sleep at night. 
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Don’t always judge a person by what they show you. Remember, what you’ve seen is oftentimes only what that person has chosen to show you