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Friday, 8 April 2016

Once upon a time some kids were walking along the road side laughing and njoyng.They were unawared about the happenings of world,unawared about the creator and creation.
They weren't knowing what feelings are? Neither they have tasted the bitterness of being poor.
While they were walking one of the boy's eye got caught towards a coat and worn out shoes.They say a farmer working hard in his field who left his items along road side.
Farmer was very poor but has firm faith on ALLAH (swt).

One boy decided something mischievous. He told his friend that they will take away the pair of shoes which the farmer has put dere.

Other boy was somewhat good,he analysed that the pair of shoes are torn away and told his friend that this farmer is defintly a poor man. It'll b very bad if only for the sake of reaction we'll hide his shoes.

Instantly an idea can in his mind,he told his friend y not to put a silver coin in each shoe and c d reaction of farmer.

Somehow the other boy agreed....

They put a silver coin in each shoe and remain hidden on the other side of road to c farmers reaction.

As farmer put one shoe something stuck in his shoe and when he reopened shoe he saw a coin.He saw here and there but no1 was there.

He was shocked and at the same time his eyes went towards sky saying "Alhamdulilah"

wen he put second shoe same thing happend but wen he saw another silver coin tears rolled from his eyes. He immediately went in sajood and was whispering

Oo ALLAH only u knew how much i needed money this time,only u knew my family is hungry and i had went out for their food but couldn't get.

Only u knew that i couldn't sleep at night coz of hugryness.


surely ur treasures are vast... U r supreme... ALLAH hu akbar"

With wet eyes farmer began his journey to home.

These words made childern to weep along side of road,they had got and important lesson of life for which they could sacrifice their silver coins.
After dat these childern became pious Muslim