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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

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Short and Simple

Expecting too much is one way of hurting yourself.

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ALLAH (swt) has made our religion so adaptable that we can worship Him through anything good we do, when done sincerely and correctly. Let us constantly renew our intentions; when we take out the trash, let it be an act of worship to keep our homes tidy and to please those whom we live with.
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ALLAH chose you to be Muslim; He personally planned for you be of those who want to come back to Him and read the Qur’an. So go back to the Qur’an, be grateful for His favor upon you and sincerely seek to understand His Words.
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How many of us have been blessed with parents or others who love, mentor and care for us? We have been given trillions of blessings that so many have never tasted. How many people are ungrateful and forgetful of all they have been blessed with? Sit and think of every blessing He has given you- the Qur’an, eyesight, clean water, literacy- the blessings are uncountable, as ALLAH (swt) tells us in Surah Ibrahim (14:34)
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ALLAH (swt) is always ready for us to turn back to Him and can easily turn our bad deeds into good deeds on our scales! But how many of us are begging Him for this? To soften our hearts, be forgiven, and increase in our good deeds, let us sit and make istighfar, begging for ALLAH (swt)’s forgiveness and for Him to turn our bad into good.

Ask ALLAH (swt) in all of the blessed times to make du`a’ to break the hardness of your heart and allow sincerity and gratitude to gush through. Ask Him to soften your heart, to fill it with an awe-inspiring realization of Him, to exchange your bad deeds for good deeds and let your heart tremble in awe of Him as your actions show love for Him.
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Three things you should never break: Promises, relationships and someone's heart

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The wife has been called the neck that is influential in moving the head i.e. the man. But if the head is not present whether it is mentally, emotionally or physically, then how will the rest of the body your family be directed and guided?

May the angels protect you,
May the sadness forget you,
May goodness surround you and may ALLAH always bless you.


Oh ALLAH don’t hold me responsible for that which they say, Make me better than that which they think of me, And forgive me for that which they don’t know!

La ilaha ila anata subhanaka inee kunta mina-dhalimeen! ☆Amin
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When the Almighty has chosen us to do a good deed, never let it make us feel we have a chip on our shoulders. That feeling is a sign of rejection because it stems from pride! Satan is waiting in ambush for those who accomplish much goodness, to spoil it for them or render their deeds null & void by making them feel they are superior to others. A small deed by others which may be hidden from our eyes can be more loved by the Almighty than mountains of our deeds due to such bad qualities.

✿♦♦✿ Everything we say and do in life has consequences ♦ Just like throwing a stone into a pond, sends ripples across the water affecting all around it ♦ We are free to say & do as we choose but the consequences of our words & actions are our responsibility ✿♦♦✿

♥♥ If any one does a righteous deed, it ensures to the benefit of his own soul; if he does evil, it works against (his own soul). In the end will ye (all) be brought back to your Lord.---[Quran 45 :15 ]

✿♥♥ Every time we slip in worship, we may almost feel like giving up thinking "It's too hard". But then, tell yourself that this is the whispers of Shaytaan ♥ ALLAH loves our repentance & loves it when we struggle to please Him ♥ If we fall once, then we get right up & try, try again to worship & please Him ♥ If we fall for the millionth time,then we get up for the millionth time and keep up the struggle! ✿♥♥

✿♦-Whenever U begin to hold on to things in this life ♥ ALLAH lets U know that nothing is permanent but Him ♥ All Ur life U learn to love things,as soon as U get real close, Allah snatches it away from U ♥ Just to let U always know to remember to be humble,always put Ur trust in ALLAH. Not money, not material things, but in ALLAH-♦✿♦

[Imam Siraj wahhaj]

✿♦--Talk to ALLAH in times,of need & in times of happiness ♦♦ Ask Him & thank Him ♦♦ Ask from your heart ♦♦ & if you do not get what you wanted ♦♦ know that He is giving you something better ♦♦ if not in this world, then in the Akhirah ♦♦ "...Where there is du’a there is hope Believe this"...♦✿♦

♥♥ Whoever works righteousness, man or woman, and has Faith, verily, to him will We give a new Life, a life that is good and pure and We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions. --[Quran 16 : 97 ]


Identify yourself!

I just found this story while listening to Islamic scholar Dr.Zakir Naik. I was really amazed 2 hear this story. I always had a strong feeling for such people...physically challenged people are same as we are. they are not different. They have the courage in their heart. What is important is to know what you want, what your goal is and what's your talent...insha Allah you always can achieve your goals and attain success!

When doctors told Wilma Rudolph’s mother that she’d never walk because of “infantile paralysis” caused by the polio virus, apparently her mother and Wilma never bought into their message. Her mother took her on 50 mile bus rides to receive physical therapy twice a week for several years from their home in Tennessee. As the 20th of 22 Rudolph children, Wilma had many siblings to help her with massaging her legs 4 times daily.

She was fitted with a brace on her legs to help straighten them. “I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to get them off,” she said. “But when you come from a large, wonderful family, there’s always a way to achieve your goals,” said Rudolph. Within a few years, in a Forrest Gump-like fashion, she shed her braces. Her parents found her one day playing basketball barefoot with her brothers.

Following in an older sister’s footsteps, Wilma played basketball with a passion. In high school, she led her team to a state championship and set a state record for scoring in one game — 49 points. A track coach encouraged her to pursue running track. At 5′11″ tall, she had a long, powerful stride. She soon became a track star.

She went to her first Olympic Games in 1956 when she was just 16 years old. She won a bronze medal in the 4×4 relay. But, that was just the beginning. At the 1960 Olympics in Rome, Wilma became the first American woman to win 3 gold medals in Olympic history. She won the 100-meter dash, the 200-meter dash, and ran the anchor leg on the 400-meter relay team.

After being told she’d never being able to walk, she was now recognized as the “one of the fastest woman in the world.” Wilma wrote, “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: the potential for greatness lives within each of us.” Wilma Rudolph’s story continues to inspire people today.

So dig what is hidden in you, InshaAllah, you can win the world!


value your time and know whether you are being rewarded.

It’s gloomy. the rain drops patter to a rhythm. The rain…it always makes me feel better and it’s a time I hug my pen and paper and spend much time in my room. beautiful days of past, Alhamdulillah! It’s all stored in my brain, though I cant go back I walk through the beautiful days in my memory. Friends, family, school, teachers, strangers, lived as it came along and never planned for the future. We called it being ‘free birds’.

But are we? Nope, I fear not. after spending so many years I have come to my common senses. This life is not ours to be free birds. We borrowed it from its Creator. How silly I am to be so ignorant that I’ve to return it back to the Owner. Subhanallah! How am I going to answer Him for the damages I’ve done? Though tried to cover myself to be descent and civilized I didn’t protect the beauty He gave me with the proper hijab…the mirror on the wall said, you are gorgeous and I still wanted to look better. But whom did I please and attract? Subhanallah! Forgive me.
Annas RadiAllaho Ta’ala Anho relates that the Messenger Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam
said, “Do not let forty days elapse without trimming the moustache and pairing the nails”.

(Hadeeth taken from Muslim) Meaning that we should cut our nails within forty days. It
has been stated that the consequence of keeping long nails are:
1- There will be no blessings in your wealth.
2- You will become poor.
3- Illness will plague you.
4- Almighty ALLAH and His Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam will be displeased
with you.
5- The devil sits on long nails. The Messenger Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam would cut his
nails every fifteen days.




Everything in life has a value. When I was young when something went wrong I thought who cares? After all it’s not meant to be so. but can we leave everything beside simply satisfying ourselves saying who cares? No, we can’t. just imagine the amount of water we waste a day? the food we dump in to the garbage? We scream at our parents for their interference in our decisions, we scold our children for the silliest mistakes they commit. There are so many out there without the things we are blessed with. Can we just dump the blessings of ALLAH to the garbage and simply say who cares? Did you know Allah will question us one day for such issues as well? Subhanallah! Goose bumps!

I’m sure I too will open the tap and will let the water run for no reason until I remember there are thousands out there have no water at least to drink. We fail to practice what is right. Nothing cost us to follow the right but it costs you a lot to earn the wrath of Allah. We waste our time, energy and money for no reason here and you gain nothing in hereafter. I remember the sentence my friend and I used when we were schooling, waste of money, waste of energy, waste of everything. Isn’t it true? And when we realize it would be too late. try to fix the problem once you realize it.

After all everything in this life is too….ekthpenthiv :) . Know it, value it before you regret one day in life! 


it's hotter than your stove!

Uf! The room is a mess. Is it only during weekends…huh! Nope…the entire week…wondering whether to fix them soon as it was before. Bending, stretching, moving, crawling…good excersise early in the morning. But what is the point, once they are up, the room is going to be messed once again, waste of energy. Any way I am the heroine of my home movie. I know gymnastics, karate, kung fu and every other art to guard Hirah from her warrior brother. Good that I was always a sporty woman, for now I’ve to make use of every sport I did when I was young. High jumps, long jumps, batten relay…etc etc…. Why recently I invented the broomstick jump too LOL…hope every mother out there are gold medal champions in these kinds of sports at home..:)So this few minutes are for my own, InshaALLAH.

“Raising children is confusing, challenging, and over far too soon. And sometimes the wisest thing to do is just sit back and enjoy it” I read this when I was reading a parental magazine few hours ago. Isn’t that true? They must be given chance to experience the bitter and sour. A book, paper or a youtube video can’t explain them the tastes. They themselves have to identify and understand. Yet, does this theory applicable for everything? No I guess not.

I’ve seen parents say, she’s too young when she realizes the truth she’ll wear the Hijab, how can I force him to perform his prayers? He’ll know its compulsory one day!
SubhanAllah! Are you in this too? If so, do you know whether this particular day will arise? So you are confident in knowing when you will be dying, today, tomorrow or a century after?

I’m sure you don’t allow your children to play with fire for you know the effect. It hurts them and their pain hurts you. So aren’t you worried to see your child disobeying ALLAH Almighty? Or is this simply because you are unaware of the result of disobeying Allah? If you realize the truth of life after death I am sure you will never let your child be ignorant in following 
ALLAH’s commandments, like you protect them from not allowing them to touch the fire on your stove.

"Caution: it’s dangerous to take this preparation except under medical supervision, keep out of the reach of children."

How many of us follow this rule? Why? Simply for our child’s protection. So let’s keep hellfire out of reach of our children Insha

Balanced Life!

Oops! I’ve lost my space bar. Although not a single letter appears and looks just plain it is the key mostly used. Zaid has removed so many keys from my key pad. I anyhow managed to fix them. But the space bar…I kept it somewhere to fix it later but I forgot and now I can’t find it. Until today worked without the space bar and now the smallest piece of the connector is also broken, the first laptop ever with sticky tapes on it

Isn’t our lives are like this too. At times being careless we neglect the most important bonds in life. When we realize, it is too late. There’s a proverb. We too busy in life collecting pebbles while leaving the precious gems beside. How true it is? All of us do this mistake. We hurt the people who love us the most. And then when we realize it is like my laptop, sticky tapes everywhere. Once gone is gone for ever! Although they will be with you there will be scars left.

Leave aside the bonds with human. How about religious aspects? Are we waiting to spend time regretting for missing our prayers when we fall sick and never be able to be strong as we were once? Are we gonna wait until we lost our eye sight to regret every moment should have spent reading the Quran? Are we gonna regret of not spending money for the poor until we become poor one day? Are we going to regret about all the good deeds we could have done after we are left in our grave?

It’s time to pick our gems and leave the pebbles away!

There’s no shape or a handsome appearance to the outcome of space bar yet it gives real meaning to the words you type. After all every key on the key board is essential, never under-estimate their value.



How many of you can name 20 hollywood/Bollywood/kollywood actors in couple of seconds? why what about their birthday and all special days,their likings and their favorite quotes? may I know some wonderful books written in this new era???hmm…let me see….I’m pretty sure you guyz are much more talented,so no doubt you can name some of scientists and their inventions. name some fantastic vehicles which drive your mind crazy!why,various kinds of delicious food recipes….and fasinatig new fashions…..oh! com’n you are better in this i know very well….so are you gonna take my challenge?I’m pretty sure you would and will lead no matter what i’m gonna request you
well….this is worth knowing,worth memorizing.
let’s do it then…why such a lengthy explanation…….oops! Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry……………..i love writing;))))

Scattergories…will you please…tell some names of………….fruits...Vegetables….sweets….countries…..cities….malls….films….songs…………….,……………hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
have you ever played this game in your childhood? I’ve and it really helps in memorizing the words and places we use while playing. so try it with your younger ones with names of important people, place in Islam. Like, name few sahabis, their history and anything which will go along with their names in islamic history!t will surely educate the young ones and polish up your memory as well…inshaALLAH!

knowing more will help increasing your love for Islam!




Ok, I’m smiling…whether I have seen you or not, you are my brother or a sister, a beautiful friend one can have and trust, May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you and your loved ones, A`min!

Giving the Salam

Abu Hurairah (ra) related that Rasulullah (saw) said, "You shall not enter Heaven unless you have Faith and your Faith is not complete until you show love towards one another. Would you want me to show you how you can achieve this? Shower your Salam upon one another."

General meaning -- When we give our salam to another Muslim and he answers it, we are actually praying for each other's peace in life. Thus our relationship will become closer. This is one of the signs of people who have Faith. 


Salt N Pepper!

Having severe back ache. Alhamdulillah, was surprised to see our breakfast was ready. Zaid’s dad has taken over the duty and prepared a meal. I just had to add salt and pepper for my taste.

How wonderful it would be if we could accept everything like this, just add salt and pepper to suit our tastes without giving any negative comments about others height, weight, complexion, talent, education etc etc? for we are criticizing, humiliating Allah’s creations!


Today's note- Remember your target!

Zaid wakes up early in the morning. He loves his tiny toy cars. He counts and arranges them in a row. To see them in order makes him happy. Today he wanted his blue car…it was missing. I told him it wass in his toy basket and get it by him if he wanted. So he walked to the room being confident, but he returned back with his small bat. He was fascinated and excited. Few seconds later he remembered his blue car. He looked at me grinning.
“Mama boothar”
“Seeing the bat you forgot it…don’t forget your aim…go and get it”
I said. He went back and this time came with his car. I saw him playing with car but the bat was still lying on the floor being neglected, for he didn’t actually was in need of playing with it.

SubhanAllah! How many of us forget our target while reaching to it. We turn to another path being distracted by something we don’t want in our life. We neglect our parents for friends not worth being together, we neglect our wives for someone not worth being together, we neglect our husbands for worthless TV series, and we compare our children’s’ success with a worthless TV hero…we neglect our best friends by talking about them in behind.

Is that the only thing we do? We skip our prayers. We go behind of something which is never meant for us. We waste our entire life to build crystal castles yet we don’t realize that it takes just a single second to shatter our dreams. We tire ourselves like bulls and dogs, yet leave everything beside when it’s our time to go. Spend thousands for silly fund raising walks and car washes yet think several times to drop a coin to a poor.

Every one of us knows what the truth of this life is, death is for sure, yet we are distracted and fascinated with worldly deeds.

What did you pick today? Boothar or the bat?



Parata :) I’m sure you’ve tried it, leave a side cooking I’m pretty sure you’ve had it as a meal. I can remember I stood beside mom when she was preparing parata asking for more.

Let’s make some parata online! LOL :D

Have you seen how it’s made? Before firm dough is made it was just ingredients. Although it looks easy to make it has several stages. When all the ingredients are added, it becomes rough dough. To make it soft, smooth and elastic you have to knead it well. Roll it, punch it and knead it…quite a task which goes to a rhythm. Looks fun huh? Yep if you did it with a great spirit, good exercise for your arms and brain too.

Our lives are like that too. How many stages we pass and how many trials and attempts we take to become the one we desire. End of the day we feel worth trying and sacrificing right? Alhamdulillah!

Become a parata, don’t worry and give up just looking at its appearance and the process. End of the process the outcome is a delicious meal.


My Mom is mean so I am now:)

subahanallah!this is the best email i got this year...nope i think the best email i got ever...bcz i tasted tears as well as laughter...who can ever bring you the both at the same's always a mom...

adding something to the note.
when a companion of prophet muhammed (peace be upon him) questioned about ,whom should he love the most...prophet (saW) answerd IT'S UR MOTHER....when for d 2nd time the question was asked the answer was YOUR MOTHER...and the third time too it was the same answer IT'S UR MOTHER...then for the 4th tym when he repeated the question prophet (saw) answered... it's ur FATHER....

note down friends.....the gold medal goes for mom,silver and bronze follows as well. only the participation award goes to the's not that fathers are being condemn or they should be given less respect...infact they should be the family head in an islamic family....they take most of the responsibility...nowadays fathers wash nappies,diappers,help to cook,sing lullaby(tho it is like a cracked CD) why...i've seen fathers carry their wives handbags during the peadiatric clinic sessions ;))) there are men out there help their wives in various ways, like wise i mentioned in my yesterday's note.

but still what a mom go through bringing up her child is remarkable...even a mom cannot explain how precious but at the same tym how risky it is to give birth to their kid....though they enjoy the pains nd fear. they keep on taking this adventurous they are...?i've got no words to explain.

at the same time....more than a father it's she who gets all blames,pains and insults when she is not capable of being a mom. such women are not barrens but also moms....;-) only a woman can feel this precious feeling as being a mom,want to be a mom etc etc.....

it is she who weeps a lot when her children give birth to their children....ever wondered why????because she knows what her child goes through....though she takes the risk as an adventure she wish her child never go through such pains....though she knows without pains there is no cry of a baby, she wish Allah to ease her own child's pains.........and finally she pour all the love she had for her children,( but safely hidden) upon her grandchildren...............thats mom buddies..........value and appreciate your mom when she is to her frequently and her best friend...because you wont get somebody more suitable for that position with such a lot of experiences...;-)

Mean Moms

Someday when my children are old enough to
understand the logic that motivates a parent,
I will tell them, as my Mean Mom told me:

I loved you enough to ask where you were going,
with whom, and what time you would be home.

I loved you enough to be silent and let you
discover that your new best friend was a creep.

I loved you enough to stand over you for
two hours while you cleaned your room,
a job that should have taken 15 minutes.

I loved you enough to let you see anger,
disappointment, and tears in my eyes. Children
must learn that their parents aren't per fect..

I loved you enough to let you assume the
responsibility for your actions even when the
penalties were so harsh they almost broke my heart.

But most of all, I loved you enough to say
NO when I knew you would hate me for it.

Those were the most difficult battles of all.
I'm glad I won them, because in the end you won, too.
And someday when your children are old enough to
understand the logic that motivates parents,
you will tell them.

Was your Mom mean?

I know mine was.
We had the meanest mother in the whole world!
While other kids ate candy for breakfast,
we had to have cereal, eggs, and toast.

When others had a Pepsi and a Twinkie for lunch,
we had to eat sandwiches.

And you can guess our mother fixed us a dinner that was
different from what other kids had, too.

Mother insisted on knowing where we were at all times.
You'd think we were convicts in a prison.

She had to know who our friends were
and what we were doing with them.
She insisted that if we said we
would be gone for an hour, we would
be gone for an hour or less.

We were ashamed to admit it,
but she had the nerve to break
the Child Labor Laws by making us work.

We had to wash the dishes, make the beds,
learn to cook, vacuum the floor, do laundry,
empty the trash and all sorts of cruel jobs.

I think she would lie awake at night
thinking of more things for us to do.

She always insisted on us telling the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
By the time we were teenagers,
she could read our minds and had
eyes in the back of her head.
Then, life was really tough!

Mother wouldn't let our friends
just honk the horn when they
drove up they had to come up to
the door so she could meet them.

Because of our mother we missed out
on lots of things other kids experienced.

None of us have ever been caught
shoplifting, vandalizing other's
property or ever arrested for any
crime. It was all her fault.

Now that we have left home, we are all
educated, honest adults. We are doing our best
to be mean parents just like Mom was.

I think that is what's wrong with the world today.
It just doesn't have enough mean moms!



Why Us?

It was heavily raining in the morning. Kids refused to wake up, instead they wanted me to be with them. Hirah of course always search for my warmth because she’s just three months old. Zaid was too scared for the lightning and thundering. Subhanallah! Even it frightened me. Few months back more than eight lacks of victims were affected and lost their homes, misplaced from the disastrous climate. Wish this time nothing happen in that sort. Wondering how miserable such people all around the world feel everyday losing what they once eagerly and dearly adored and protected. their lives, their possessions…life times savings are all gone with one earthquake, flood, landslide, tsunami, wildfire etc etc. How great Allah is, just one command and everything becomes dust, Allahu Akbar. Yet people forget His greatness.

Thus, disasters and calamities are a result of our increasing evil deeds and disobedience to Allah: not that affected ones are wrong doers. And the ones not affected are the best among others. Everything shown and seen is an example for the living ones. Fear Allah for his powers, obey Allah for His mercy.

"And whatever of misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands have earned. And He (Allah) pardons much." [Soorah al-Shoorah (42): 30] "Whatever of good reaches you, is from Allah, but whatever of evil befalls you, is from yourself." [Soorah an-Nisa (4):79]

Narrated Abu Hurayrah (radhi allahu anhu): "Allah's Messenger (sallalalhu alaihi wa-sallam) said: "When... property given in trust is treated as spoil, Zakaat is looked on as a tax, learning is acquired for other than a religious purpose, a man obeys his wife and is unkind towards his mother, he brings his friend near and drives his father far off, voices are raised in the mosques, the most wicked member of a tribe becomes its ruler, the most worthless member of a people becomes its leader, a man is honored through fear of the evil he may do, singing-girls and stringed instruments make their appearance, wines are drunk, and the last members of this people curse the first ones, look at that time for a violent wind, an earthquake, being swallowed up by the earth, metamorphosis, pelting rain, and signs following one another like bits of a necklace falling one after the other when its string is cut." [at-Tirmidhee (5450)]

Allah sends down such calamities to frighten His slaves and remind them of their obligations and duties towards Him and to warn them against associating anything in worship with Him.

"Don't they see that they are put in trial once or twice every year (with different kinds of calamities, disease, famine)? Yet, they turn not in repentance, nor do they learn a lesson." [Soorah at-Tawbah (9): 126]

Endless natural disasters make clear to His servants that the kingdom of the Heavens and the Earth is alone in His Hands. Happenings of earthquakes are evidence of His astonishing Power: "For to Allah belong the Forces of the heavens and the earth." [Soorah al-Fath (48) :7] "And none can know the Forces of your Lord, except He." [Soorah Mudhaththir (74): 31]
If the Ummah leaves Allah's Sharee'ah, ignores His Deen and follows its enemies, then Allah has the complete power to send down disasters and calamities, and from them are earthquakes, tsunami, flood and all other natural disasters.

Let’s fear Allah, thank Allah for His endless mercy upon us and remember we will be meeting him one day InshaAllah. And let it be a Happy meeting, how would it feel when you being rewarded for being the best among others, for out standing performance? What could be the reward, Jaanat Al firdouse of course, InshaAllah :)


Life is given by Allah!

There is only one pretty child in the world...................................................................... and every mother has it."

Saw this beautiful status posted by one of the beautiful mothers on earth I’ve witnessed for I’ve seen and being amazed by her children’s performances. They are the kids always cross my mind though I never knew them in person. Children of this era to be taken as examples…because they live a happy life here and gather happy memories for the hereafter, how wonderful it would be if every mother could be like her…May Allah keep her family smiling always :)

The status made me smile and look at my kids. Alhamdulillah am I not blessed to have that pretty child for twice? But what about the women who desire for a child but was never are granted? Is it her fault? I’ve seen so many women earn Allah’s anger for treating the women with no child in a bad manner. The society I live at times like this forgets that the rights to create a life is upon Allah Almighty. They bear witness saying there is no god but Allah but yet they forget when they live.
If Allah could create Adam (PBUH) from mere dust…then Eve(PBUH) from Adam(PBUH)’s rib bone…if He could let Umm Isa (PBUH) to bear a child with no male interaction, who are we? He does what He plans and having a child or not having a child is His mercy and Will, then why are we trying to blame the woman for being barren and corner her from the society? subhanAllah! Allah show mercy upon those who are suffering from this and show mercy for those who purposefully earns Allah’s wrath.

Every mother who has been rewarded will not be a mother. she must possess the gentleness of a mother and love for the children, not only for her children but for other children as well. a woman without a child is not a barren, unless she’s jealous about looking at others lives. A woman with no child will bear love and gentleness for every child she meets on the street or any where she goes. After all a mother is not a woman who gave birth to a child but a woman who knows the art of loving and understanding the child.

I’m happy, because I’m a mother…for all my nieces and nephews surround me when there’s a gathering…nothing is sweeter than being with those sweet kids, understanding the rhythm of their heartbeat, believing in their strength, listening to their fantasy stories and watching those sparkling eyes full of hopes and expectations. Children are a feast for a mother, a true mother with gentle heart and a broad mind.



Onions! I can remember how interested we were to help our grand ma to peel the onions but none of us reached the goal. It looked easy yet it gave pain. Tears followed one another. Until recent past whether I cried for losses and wins…I was tearing off when peeling off the skin of onions and chopping them…but now, it’s just a simple task. No tears…no worries.

Problems are like onions too. A person faces the problem for the very first time it gives pains and tears. And once he is used for such problems he’ll learn to take them easy and will little worry about the pains he feels and will rarely cry. Instead he will try to get rid of them quickly as I peel off the skin of the onion. And facing such problems will gradually change it to a challenge as we chop the onions, very energetic and willing to do more…:) and more than anything he will know that without problems, pains and tears, life is not interesting, same like the onions, once they are added to the curry it’ll look more pleasant and will become more delicious.

And…the more the problems you face the more you become confident and stronger…same like the onions, once they are taken into the body they react as an antibiotic…:)

Face what ever the problems you have with a stronger heart, it will teach you the art of achieving your goal with less pains and tears.
Animated wallpaper, screensaver 240x320 for cellphone
by Madiha Aziz

The cure for every sorrow is"La Haula wa la Quwwata illa billah"
Relieved a Muslim is Thinking that there is no might nor power except with ALLAH.

The Mercy of Allah flowing from the heaven above is a delight;
the root cause of sorrows are the forbidden desires we must fight!

We sh'd always Thank Him for His countless blessings; and of the Greatest blessings are a pair of eyes,
Never will we be able to count His blessings, nor is it enough even if we thank Him once, twice or thrice.

The Gentle wind, the rain, the breeze and the mountains as great as the Sinai;
.... And He asks you:"which of the blessings of your Lord will you both deny?"[55:13]

He is The Mighty, The Majestic, Not a leaf falls but by His leave;
He gives life after Death, and on that day, Indeed, He'll retrieve.

The Final Destination!----HEAVEN or HELL?----Decide O Muslim before it's too late!
Today or Tormorrow?The Inevitable Death has already been written in your fate.

Do good deeds and please Your Lord!Stop back-biting and the useless talk,
For everything is recorded in a book,and perhaps, that will make you shock.

In clear numbers,it will be presented to you!
...And you'll see all that you used to do!

Now, before the day you regret, pray for steadfastness;
With a sincere Heart,ask for His mercy and seek forgiveness.

He is the Owner of Mercy, acceptor of repentance!!!
Sacrfice lil of your desires, & keep sins in abstinence...


"Self Realization" By Nifra Naleem

Everything seemed simple and sweet to her, she never felt the seriousness of life.
She was like a feather floating in the open air, aimlessly.

Yes, Hanah an 18 year old girl never thought her life would change thus.

The Almighty Allahu Subahanauth Thaala fulfiiled all her needs, He gave her more than what she deserve.Though she was a less hardworking girl she never failed to pass her exams. She sometimes wonder how that always happen, but she has forgotten there is a power above us which rules the whole universe. She thought it was her luck, such a fool she was.

Days went by, it was the 7th of July 2010, Hanah's family was strucked with the news. They never expected that day so very soon. Hanah's 7 year old cousin lost his loving dad, he was so lovable, pious, and he had never ever hurted anyone. Every villagers eyes were filled with tears hearing the news, they praised him for his good deeds, their palms were put together to make dua for him, these things reached Hanah's ears,tears rolled from her eyes...,then the Madrasa Usthadh humbly made a request from the family members to let the Janaza to be carried by the Madrasa students.It was done. What a lovely scene to see! The Madrasa students who were wearing the white Jubbah with the green Turban on the top were carring the Janaza, his Janaza was given the due respect for his good deeds. Allhamdhu lillah! Obserserving this Hanah wiped out her tears and sighed. Then she realized, death is common to everyone, this world is temporary.

Shame to say, though she was 18, she has ignored the 2nd pillar of Islam, for all these 13 years, the lose of her uncle made her think about this again.

“Command your children to make salah when they become seven years old…” Abu Dawud

She then started to fear........ Now she has realized the real meaning of a life of a Muslima. She never misses her prayers, she never forgets to recite the Quran, She has Made Islam her life................
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ALLAH does not judge you on how bad you have been in the past, but rather on how good you strive to be now. ♥

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Simply beau-ti-ful! ♥

O Ramadan, be gentle, the tears of the believers pour forth, and their hearts are anxious from the pain of separation. And why shouldn't the tears flow from the believers upon the parting (of Ramadan), whilst he knows not whether he shall live to see its return. - Ibn Rajab (Rahimahullah).
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Today's Eid khutbah: In Paradise there are rooms whose outside can be seen from the inside and the inside can be seen from the outside. ALLAH has prepared them for those who feed the poor, who are gentle in speech, who fast regularly and who pray at night when (other) people are asleep. [Ahmad] Let's keep the momentum going after Ramadan insha'ALLAH!

The Wisdom of the Shaykh ::

An incident once took place when a student of Knowledge was taking a walk with his teachers in one of the gardens of their Madrassah. During this walk, the student decided to address a problem he was facing and seek its remedy from his teacher. He began to tell his teacher, ‘I have a spiritual ailment; I am habitual of talking ill of others and mentioning matters about them behind their backs.’

The teacher carried on walking for a moment and then asked him, ‘do you have a mobile phone?’ The student answered affirmatively and took out his phone to show his teacher. The phone was one of the latest models on the market and he had just purchased it recently.

Upon seeing the phone and the student’s attachment to it, he asked the student to throw the phone in a nearby mud patch and trample upon it. Whilst astonished by the teacher’s request, the student questioned, ‘how can I throw this phone on the floor? It has cost me a lot of money and is worth a lot to me.’

The teacher replied to him with the following words of wisdom, ‘the respect and honour of your brother is more sanctified and valuable as this in the eyes of Allah. How can it be easy for you to trample upon this honour and respect with such ease?’

The student realised how he had never understood nor appreciated the true value of a Muslim brother; and from that day onwards he never failed to compare the respect of his brothers to all those items which were the most valuable to him.
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SomeTimEs Ur BiggesT Battle is To BeLievE in UrSeLf..
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If you play with worDs you can cause a Fire.
There are GooD fire and desTrucTive Fire.
Fire is used to purify and it is used to meLT.
LeT Ur worDs creaTe a warm fire place for the winTer.~

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Prophet Ibrahim ^alayhis-salam had left his two dear ones, Hajar and Isma^il in a barren area in Makkah. Makkah at the time was completely isolated with no evident buildings or people living there since there was no water for survival. There, Prophet Ibrahim left them with only a bag of dates and a leather bag filled with water. When Hajar noticed that Prophet Ibrahim was about to make his way back to Palestine alone, she followed him saying: “O Ibrahim, are we to be left alone in this valley with no water, or food or companions?” To that Prophet Ibrahim did not respond. So she kept posing the question repeatedly without getting an answer from Prophet Ibrahim, therefore, she said, “Did Allah order you to do this?” He replied, “Yes.” Upon hearing this, eloquently and with a complete reliance on Allah she said: “Then we will not be lost.”

Following the order of Allah, Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him left and when he was a fair distance away from Hajar and their son, he looked back at the Sacred House (Al-Bayt) and as mentioned in Ayah 37 of Surat Ibrahim, he made the following supplication to Allah:
“O Lord! I have settled some of my offspring in a barren valley by Your Sacred House so that they would perform the Prayer. O Lord, make the hearts of some people yearn towards them and provide them with fruits for which they would give thanks”.

Hajar, the mother of Isma^il settled with her son where Ibrahim peace be upon him left them. She breast-fed him and drank from the water that Ibrahim had left for them. This water eventually ran out as the water container dried up. Consequently, Hajar became thirsty, and so did her son who started crying and became unsettled due to his extreme thirst. Hajar hated seeing him in that state and she set forth looking for water. As-Safa being the mountain closest to her, she climbed it and looked down at the valley to see if she could find anyone to assist her. She found no one and so she descended from the mountain until she reached the valley. Then she climbed Al-Marwah Mountain in keeping her search for water but to no avail. She went back to As-Safa then back again to Al-Marwah for many times. On her last arrival to Al-Marwah, she heard a voice which prompted her to call out: “Help, if you can”. There was Angel Jibril peace be upon him, who hit the ground with his wing until fresh and pure water emerged. That became known as Zamzam water. The mother of Isma^il gathered the water with her hands and collected it in her container while it was springing out. Jibril said: “Do not fear loss, for there is a sacred House here which will be built by this child and his father”, meaning Isma^il and his father Ibrahim peace be upon them both.

Hajar drank from Zamzam water quenching her thirst and breast-fed her son Isma^il. She thanked Allah, the One who endows countless bounties upon His slaves.

O Allah, we ask you to grant us Al-Hajj and Al-^Umrah and the visit of the Prophet peace be upon him, and we ask You Allah to make us amongst those who drink from his honourable hand at the Hawd. Amin.

If you have much, give of your wealth
If you have little, give of your heart ♥

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When you see someone who is not as religious, remember that you were once on the edge of the fire, and it was Allah (swt)’s favor upon you to guide you. Arrogance will wipe away any goodness from the transformation.
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When you are in front of ALLAH, your skin color, your money, your heritage, and your family do not matter, you are stripped of all worldly things and the most precious thing left for you is Imaan."
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Each time someone stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope

A Clever King
I will share with you a story which shows the clever decision of a youth on how to live this life. This story is only an example.

There was a country long time ago where the people would change a king every year. The person who would become the king had to agree to a contract that he will be sent to an island after his one year of being a king. So, one king finished his term and it was time for him to go to the island and live there. The people dressed him up in expensive clothes and put him on an elephant and took him around the cities to say goodbye to all the people. This was the moment of sadness for all the kings who ruled for one year. After saying goodbye, the people took the king with a boat to the remote island and left him there. On their way back, they discovered a ship that had sunk just recently. They saw a young man who survived by holding on to a floating piece of wood. As they needed a new king, they picked up the young man and took him to their country. They requested him to be a king for a year. First he refused but later he agreed to be a king. People told him about all the rules and regulations and that how he will be sent to an island after one year.

After three days of being a king, he asked the ministers if they could show him the island where all the other kings were sent. They agreed and took him to the island. The island was covered with thick jungles and sound of vicious animals were heard coming out of them. The king went little bit inside to see how it was and discovered the dead bodies of all the past kings. He understood that as soon as they were left in the island, the animals came and killed them.

The king then went back to the country and requested the people to provide him with 100 strong workers. He was provided with 100 workers and he took them to the island and told them to remove all the deadly animals and to cut down all the trees. He would visit the island every month to see how the work is progressing.

In the first month, all the animals were removed and many trees were cut down. In the second month, the whole island was cleaned out. The king then told the workers to plant gardens in various parts of the island. He also took with himself useful animals like chickens, ducks, birds, goats, cows etc. In the third month, he ordered the workers to build big houses and docking stations for ships. Over the months, the island turned into a beautiful place. The young king would wear simple clothes and spend very little from his earnings. He sent all the earnings to the island for storage. Nine months have passed like this. The king called the people and told them that "I know that I have to go the island after one year, but I would like to go there right now." But the people didn't agree to this and said that he have to wait for another 3 months to complete the year.

3 months passed and now it was a full year. The people dressed up the young king and put him on an elephant to take him around the country to say goodbye to others. However, this king is unusually happy to leave the kingdom. People asked him, "All the other kings would cry at this moment and why are you laughing?" He replied, "Don't you know what the wise people say? They say that when you came to this world as a baby, you were crying and everyone was smiling. Live such a life that when you are dieing, you will be smiling and everyone around you will be crying. I have lived that life. While all the other kings were lost into the luxuries of the kingdom, I always thought about the future and planned for it. I turned the deadly island into a beautiful abode for me where I can stay peacefullly."

We should take a lesson from this story about how we should also live our life. The life of this world is to prepare for the life hereafter. In this life, we shouldn't get lost into the beautiful things of this world and forget about what is to come in the afterlife. Rather, even if we are kings, we should live a simple life like our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and save all our enjoyments for the hereafter. May Allah make it easy for us all. 

It was the day of celebration and a day of rejoicing. There was an air of festivity in the streets of Madina. All the people, both young and old were dressed in their best clothes, especially for this special day of Ramadhan Eid.

As it was time for early morning Ramadhan Eid prayers everyone made their way to an open piece of land on the outskirts of the city of Madina. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) arr
ived and led the prayers. After they had finished they all greeted each other and everyone was walking back home. The children running and playing in excitement, smiling and laughing, without a care in the world.

As Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) walked back home, he suddenly became aware of a little boy (Zuhair Bin Saghir) sitting by himself on the side of the path. The little boy was crying and looked very sad. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) bent down and patted him on the shoulders and asked 'why are you crying?' 'Please leave me alone' sobbed the little boy. The boy didn't even see who was talking to him. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ran his fingers through the boy's hair and very gently and kindly asked him again why he was crying. This time the boy said, 'My father was martyred fighting, and now my mother has married again and my stepfather does not want me to live at home any more. Today is Ramadhan Eid and everyone is happy. All the children have new clothes and nice things to eat, but I don't have any clothes except what I am wearing. I have no food and I don't even have a place to live.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said to him, 'I know how you feel, I lost both my mother and father when I was a little boy.' The boy was surprised to hear that it was an orphan who was comforting him, and when he looked up to his great surprise it was the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and he immediately jumped up to his feet out of love and respect.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said to him 'If I were to become your new father and my wife your new mother, and my daughter your new sister, would that make you feel better?' 'Oh yes, that would be the best thing in the world!' The boy started smiling. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) took him home and gave him new clothes and good food on this beautiful day of Ramadhan Eid. The boy indeed had a wonderful Ramadhan Eid that day

May ALLAH of you have a blessed Eid with a heart that is ever thankful to the gifts of this Ramadan. With ALLAH's help we did things we haven't done all year long with the barakah of each beautiful day. May ALLAH accept all of your acts of worship, allow you to sustain your heart to a higher level this year, and live until another Ramadan. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar...La ilaha Il Allah... Allahu Akbar...

,¤'''¤ .,. ¤'''¤,
¤ Eid ¤
'¤ Mubarak ¤'
'¤, 1432 ,¤'
May your fast be accepted, your good deeds multiplied & your Du'a answered. May ALLAH put Barakah on your day, Sabr on your way & Wisdom on your say. May Allah shower countless blessings upon you & your Family 2day & every day ♥

As we celebrate Eid today.. Don't forget the Ummah still suffering around the world, and those that passed away before and during Ramadan.. Remember them in your Dua's ♥
We are truly blessed by Allah SWT to end Ramadan and see Eid.. Thank Allah SWT for all the blessings he has bestowed upon us.. We easily take these for granted..
Alhamdulilah ♥

Monday, 29 August 2011


I Love You!

“Mama carry you…mama carry you” I hear this very often when I am with little Hirah. Her big brother, not even two yet need more attention. When I explain him that I can’t carry him right at that moment he comes towards me. To show he understood, he hugs me and gives showers of kisses. All my pains vanish and heart fills with endless love and happiness. Alhamdulillah! How important expressing love is?

How often have you said you love your mother, directly to her? how many times said those magical words to your father? Your sibling, your spouse, children and friends? How easy it is to mutter those words secretly to a complete stranger and how difficult it is to whisper into your loved ones who sacrificed their happiness for you? It’s Shaitan who stops you by showing your love to those who are important to your life and it is he who encourages you to mutter those words to a complete stranger.

So what are you doing staring at my note, say I LOVE YOU to those who deserve for it. See the change in you and in them InshaAllah.

“If a Muslim loves his Muslim brother, he should inform him.” (Tirmizi)

I love you for the sake of Allah! (I know you are still reading :) )

O ALLAH this beloved guest came to me after a year but couldnt serve well O ALLAH the guest is abt to leave us ALLAH let the final moments be the best moments to serve your guest and May it plead to u to save us from hell O ALLAH accept all our deeds that we did for your guest Ramadan we couldnt serve as u wished but O ALLAH u accept it.

Ramadan was coming to an end soon and there were just a few days before Eid. I had to do some last minute Eid shopping. I was around in a store. I saw a cashier hand this little boy his money back saying: "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this toy tea set."

Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?''

The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this tea set, my dear.''

Then his granny asked him to stay there for 5 minutes while she went to look around. She left quickly.

The little boy was still holding the tea set in his hand. Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this tea set to.

"It's the tea set that my sister loved most and wanted so much for this Eid. She was so sure that angels would bring it to her."

I replied to him that may be ALLAH will send it to her after all, and not to worry.

But he replied to me sadly. "No, the angels can't bring it to her where she is now. I have to give the tea set to my mommy so that she can give it to my sister when she goes there."

His eyes were so sad while saying this. "My sister has gone to be with 
ALLAH . Daddy says that Mommy is going to see ALLAH very soon too, so I thought that she could take the tea set with her to give it to my sister.''

My heart nearly stopped. The little boy looked up at me and said: "I told daddy to tell mommy not to go yet. I need her to wait until I come back from the mall."

"I love my mommy and I wish she doesn't have to leave me, but daddy says that she has to go to be with my little sister "

Then he looked again at the tea set with sad eyes, very quietly.I quickly reached for my wallet and said to the boy.

"What if we checked again, just in case you do have enough money?''

"OK" he said "I hope that I have enough."

I added some of my money to his without him seeing and we started to count it. There was enough for tea set and even some spare money.

The little boy said: "Jazakallah(Thank you 
ALLAH ) for giving me enough money!"
Then he looked at me and added "I asked yesterday before I slept for 
ALLAH  to make sure I have enough money to buy this tea set so that mommy can give it to my sister. He heard me!''

"I also wanted to have enough money to buy a white rose for my mommy, but I didn't dare to ask 
ALLAH  for too much. But He gave me enough to buy the tea set and a white rose.''

"My mommy loves white roses."

A few minutes later, his granny came again and I left with my basket.

I finished my shopping in a totally different state from when I started. I couldn't get the little boy out of my mind. Only 
ALLAH  knows what went through my mind.

Then I remembered a local newspaper article two days ago, which mentioned of a drunk man in a sporty car, who hit a car, where there was one young lady and a little girl.

The little girl died right away, and the mother was left in a critical state. The family had to decide whether to pull the plug on the life-assisting machine, because the young lady would not be able to recover from the coma.

Was this the family of the little boy?

Two days after this encounter with the little boy, I read in the newspaper that the young lady had passed away last night and the funeral would be held early this morning.

I couldn't stop myself and I felt it my duty to go to the home where the body of the young woman was laying just before they were going to take it away for prayer and burial. Some ladies whom I recognized from our weekly Taalim Halqa were praying for the young lady.

She was there; wrapped in a white shroud, a beautiful white rose by her side and the same young boy I met earlier with the tea set against his chest.
its my honour that You are my Master...
its my dignity that i am Your slave....

Part 1.
Daniyal was never sure when he would get to eat again, but tonight turned out to be a good night. Mr. Farouq had thrown out a lot of good food. Mr. Farouq was the owner of the deli in town. Daniyal knew in his heart that he threw it out on purpose. He had seen Daniyal and his little sisters hanging out in the alley that afternoon. Daniyal even thought he saw a smile on his face as he placed the boxes on top of the garbage. Daniel grabbed the boxes and ran home as fast as he could.
Home was not a home in a traditional sense. It was a spot that him and his mother had fixed up in the woods just outside of town. Their mother was not very well. She had been beaten by their father for so long that it had finally taken a toll on her body. He would not work or provide for them. All he wanted to do was stay drunk and beat on them. Most of his anger was taken out on their mother, but Daniyal had gotten tired of his father hurting his mother, so he ended up beaten and bruised trying to protect her. Now, they had finally ran away from him. He swore he would kill them, but they knew they had to get away from here. They waited until he passed out and left after gathering all the things they thought they might need.
Their new home was surrounded by trees and their old beat up station wagon. Daniyal had made it as comfortable as he possibly could with what they had. His mother helped him as much as she was able to, but her pain was getting worse. He had noticed her taking more pills than usual. She had made sure she brought any medicines they had at the house. She knew her husband was probably furious when he awoke to find that she had taken all his pain medicines. He was addicted to just about anything he could get his hands on. She just hoped that he did not find them.
"Mom, you okay?" Daniyal noticed her swaying as she tried to warm the food on the fire. "Mom, let me do that. You need to rest."
"No, I am okay," She ran her hand across his forehead, moving his hair from his face. "I just need to eat something. You did good, son."
"It was that nice man at the deli," He smiled. "I know he put that out there on purpose."
"Well, that goes to show you that there are still good people in this world," She handed him a plate full of food. He made her sit down while he served up the rest of the food to her and the girls. His sisters were only two. They were twins and different in almost every way. Sarah had blond hair and blue eyes, but Khadija had light brown hair and brown eyes like their mother

Sarah looked like her dad mostly. Daniyal was thirteen and looked just like his mom. Ahmed was the twins' father, but not his. His dad had died in a car crash when Daniyal was only nine. His mother had married Ahmed and gave birth to the twins. Daniyal wished his father was here right now. He knew he would take care of them.
"Mom, why did Ahmed turn so mean?" He asked. He knew she hated talking about him, but he had remembered when they first met him, he was a really nice guy. Then, he gambled away all the money that his dad had left that would have taken care of them. Anything that was left, he drank it away. "Mom, I asked you..."
"Danny," She always called him that when she was annoyed. "He had a gambling problem.
"I am sorry, mom," He hugged her, gently, knowing she was in pain. "Mom, you really need to see a doctor." He could tell she was getting weaker. "Please, mom, I am worried about you."
"Okay,"She finally agreed. "If you will just...."
Before his mother could finish, they were interrupted by a stream of lights coming up the road. Even though they were in the woods, they could see anyone coming down the little dirt road from their lights reflecting on the car. Daniyal stood up and walked closer to the edge of the woods so he could see who was coming. He was afraid they would be discovered, so he kicked some wet snow onto the fire, making sure the smoke cleared. His mother put the twins in the car and covered them with a blanket to keep them warm. She sat in the driver's seat waiting for Daniyal to return. She just knew they would have to leave. They always had to leave.
Daniyal saw the police car as soon as it slowed. He knew someone had probably complained and now they would have to leave. He made his way back to his mom's side. He told her that a cop was on his way. He just knew there was going to be trouble. He decided to make sure everything looked like they had just stopped. There really was not much to do, just throw everything in the back of the old station wagon.
The policeman pulled up close to the back of their car and sat there as if he was checking the license plate. As he opened his door, he shined the flashlight toward Daniel. He was leaning against the driver's side, talking to his mother. He felt a shiver come over him. It was getting colder again. When Daniyal looked over, he could see this tall man emerging from the police car. He waited to see if another came from the other side, but it was only one this time.

"Hello, son, everything okay?" He approached, slowly. "Hello, mam. " He noticed Sara sitting in the car. She already had her license ready. "I don't need that. I just stopped to see if you had car trouble."
"Not exactly," Sara explained. "I stopped here to rest."
"Mam, you want to tell me the whole truth now," He stated, kindly. "It is obvious that someone gave you a beating. Is he with you somewhere, maybe hiding?"
"No,no, I left him," She explained their situation to the officer. Daniel kept wishing his mother would lie, but he knew she would not. He sighed hard, thinking they would have to move on. This place was so much nicer than back home. The policeman continued to listen to Sara's story. He was not like other policemen had been. He seemed to really care, but Daniyal knew it was just his job.
"Listen, Madam,"The Officer took his hat off. Daniel could tell that his mom thought this was a polite man. He could always tell by the way she acted. "I have a spread over there about three miles east of here. This property belongs to old man Jensen and he is not a very friendly guy. But, if you follow me, you can park that car on my property and I will even throw in a camper."
"Why would you do that?"Daniyals mother was feeling woozy. Daniyal did not anticipate what happened next. She passed out, the officer catching her before she hit the ground.
"Mom!" Daniyal cried out. He was about to help the officer get his mom to the back of the car, but the officer picked her up like she was a rag doll. Daniyal wished he was that strong. He took her to his own car and put her in the backseat. He told Daniyal to get in his car and they would take her to the hospital. "Sir, my sisters, they are asleep under the blanket in the back. He could tell the officer was surprised. He walked over to the station wagon and opened the back door. He lifted the blanket to find Jana and Jena fast asleep under it. He made a face and asked Daniyal if he knew how to drive. Daniyal looked at him, strangely. Of course he did know how, but he also did not have a license. "Sir, I don't..."
"Son..uh..Daniyal, right?" Daniyal had heard his mom tell the officer his name. "This is a small town, can you drive or not?"
"Yes, sir, very well," He bragged. "I will follow you..." The officer nodded and got into his car. Daniyal handled the car like a pro. Officer Miller was the officer's name; Yahya Miller. Daniyal had also heard him say that. He always made sure he kept up with whatever was going on around him. It was his way of protecting his mom.

They arrived at the hospital within five minutes. His mother was still unconscious and Daniyal was very concerned. He lifted his little sisters out of the back and carried them both into the emergency waiting area. The officer took his mother to one of the rooms and did not come back out for over fifteen minutes. Daniyal was about to panic when Officer Miller came through the swinging doors.
"She is in good hands," He stated. "Daniyal, don't mention about driving to anybody, okay?"
"Of course, sir," He tried to smile. "What did they say about my mom?"
"She is in bad shape," He sat down beside him and the girls. "We will wait a little while and then if they have to keep her, you kids can come to my house."
"Won't your wife get mad?" He asked, being nosy. The officer explained that he did not have a wife, but that he had a son and a daughter. His wife had died two years earlier with complications during childbirth. Daniyal felt compassion for this man. He could not understand why he felt this way for this stranger. He was usually cold to everyone except his family since his dad died., but for some unknown reason he felt a connection with this man. "I'm real sorry. My dad was killed a few years ago, too."
"I thought your dad was the one who beat up your mom,"He questioned. Daniyal explained about his step-dad. He told Daniyal he was sorry about his dad and sorry for how his step-dad had treated them. They talked for over an hour, Daniyal getting more nervous about his mom. The officer put his arm around his shoulder to reassure him. As he was about to respond, a doctor came out and walked up to Officer Miller. "Well, Doc, what's the verdict?"
"Yahya, you know I would get in trouble with Jamal if he finds out I took on another one of your charity cases," Dr. Sims was his name. Daniyal noticed his name badge. Daniyal felt anger well up inside of him. They were no charity case. He took out his wallet and glanced at the fifty dollar bill his mother had told him to keep. He took it out and offered it to the doctor. "Son, that would not even cover the walk through the door. Put that away."
"Daniyal," Officer Miller turned toward him. "He did not mean to offend you...."
"Yeah, whatever," He retorted. "Just take this money and I will get the rest somehow." Daniyal showed his bitterness. He kept holding the money out, but the doctor shook his head. He apologized for his remark. Daniyal felt bad for his attitude, but he did not show it. He did not want anyone to see his weaknesses.

"Son, listen, I was just telling Yahya that because old Jamal runs this hospital,"He explained. "He is an old coot and he says we have to turn away patients without insurance or money. Yahyal here has a heart of gold and he would help anyone. He is always bringing in someone who needs help and usually they do not have either one."
"I will get the money,"Daniyal stated, trying to act like a man. "I can get a job."
"I am sure you could,"Officer Miller chuckled. "But, it would take a long time to pay back the kind of money it is going to take for your mom"
"Mom, oh, yeah, Doc," Daniyal put the money back. "Is mom going to be okay?"
"Well, son, that is what I was about to say,"He explained. "She needs emergency surgery. They are prepping her now. She signed the consent forms....but I wanted you and the girls to go in and be with her for a few minutes before...." He was interrupted.
"W-w-what? Surgery?" He felt tears welling up in his eyes, but he fought them back. "Why? Is she going to die? Oh, Lord, no...not mom, too...please...." The doctor put his hand up. He told him that she would most likely be alright if they hurried up and did the surgery. There was internal bleeding. He explained some other problems she had, but Daniyal had drifted into a world of fear. He felt panic swelling up inside of him like a balloon. He begged the doc to not let his mother die.
They went into to see their mom, the twins not really understanding everything. They cried for their mommy when they saw her with all the needles and tubes. Daniel wanted to scream out, but he held it together for the girls and his mom. He choked back tears as he hugged his mom. He kissed her more than once on the cheeks and forehead. She tried to reassure him that she was fine, but he knew by the way the doctor was rushing him that it was not good. He wanted to latch onto her and never let go. As they rolled her away, he felt his lip tremble and he knew he could not fight the tears anymore. He walked away from his sisters and turned his back to them. He had only felt this alone one other time and that was when his dad died.
He felt a warm hand on his shoulder. He figured it was just a nurse ushering him out. He was surprised to see Officer Miller standing there. He thought he would have left by now. The officer pulled him into his arms and he wanted to pull away, but something made him stay there. That something gave him a comfort he had not felt in a very long time. He found himself putting his arms around this kind stranger and crying like he had not cried in a long time. He wanted to feel ashamed, but Officer Miller never gave him a chance. He made him feel so much better about everything.

A lot of problems came up during surgery and Daniyals mother ended up in Intensive Care. Daniyal stared down at his mother. He wanted to hate someone, so he went back to his bitter heart and blamed the doctor. He would not listen to anyone. All those warm feelings had left him just as quickly as they had arrived. Officer Miller tried to talk to him, but he became cold and angry. He glanced at all the machines and grit his teeth. He wanted to go back and change things. No one could convince him that his mom was going to make it. He had already heard them talking. He knew things did not look good.
Daniyal refused to leave his mother side. He told them to leave him alone and when they tried to get him to leave, he would throw a fit. Officer Miller did not want to do what he knew he had to do. He knew he was going to have to make Daniyal come home with him. He knew it was not going to be a pleasant thing to have to do, but Jamal had come into work now. They had to keep things as quiet as possible. Dr. Sims had already warned him that if Daniyal caused one more scene someone would probably go get Jamal. They thought they had avoided this until Officer Miller looked up and saw him approaching the room.
"Well, well," Dr Jamal shook his head, frowning at the officer. "I should have known you had something to do with this charity case. She has to be moved right away."
"You cannot be serious,"Dr. Sims approached him, angrily. "That could kill her. You cannot move my patient."
"She has no insurance, no money,"He bellowed. "Do you think we are a charity hospital? That is what County Hospital is for. It is going to cost way too much as it is for her surgery!" He cursed under his breath and cursed again as he yelled at Officer Miller. "I am going to report you to your superior officer PRONTO! I have had it with you bringing in these low-life beggars." They had moved their argument to another room in the hospital, one that would keep Daniyal from hearing the rest of their conversation. Dr. Sims argued with his Boss and told him that he was responsible for this patient, but he kept giving dagger looks toward Officer Miller.
"You are right,"Officer Miller stated, honestly. "I am the one who brought her in. You know how county is. They are not equipped to deal with most emergencies well. Too many people have died at that hospital. I was not about to take a chance at that boy losing another parent without giving this family a fighting chance. Sims is the best and you know it."
"I do not give a ......" He was interrupted before he could curse. Dr. Sims put his hand up and told him to shut up. He was fed up with this uppity Head of the Hospital. He was so angry that he could not even put Dr. Brooks' title on him. He felt like he did not deserve a title. What he told him after that shocked the old doctor.

"I quit!" He jerked his badge off and threw it on the floor. "I can get a job at any hospital in this country. You know it and I know it. You have forgotten why you became a doctor. All this power has gone to your head. What happened to the old Joe I use to know? You use to care about people. You use to ......"

"You know you cannot just quit like that," He was interrupted. "You have patients...obligations."

Dr. Sims knew he was right, but he also knew he could walk out if he really wanted to. His heart just would not let him leave the people without a good doctor to replace him. This hospital was not even that big and County was even smaller. He looked helplessly toward Officer Miller. Finally, the silence was broken by a nurse running in. Something was wrong with Sara. They ran to her room and a nurse tried to usher Daniel out, but he would not leave. He watched as they worked on his mother, memories running through his mind of that terrible day when his dad died right in front of his eyes.

The call had come through on the radio. Everybody knew his dad well. He was a famous race car driver and there had been a terrible accident. They were not able to go to the race this time because he had a very bad cold. He hated when he missed his dad's races. His mother had gathered him up and driven them to the hospital to be there when his dad arrived. No one noticed the small boy standing in the corner of the room as they worked frantically to revive Daniel's father. No one realized that he had managed to get past the nurse to be by his father's side. As they called the time of death, they realized he was standing there, watching his daddy die. He was in shock for many days after that. His mother just moped around while a friend stayed to help her.

Now, the nightmare was repeating. He began to cry, convulsively. He backed himself against the wall in the corner, with Officer Miller finally noticing him. He went to him, but he pushed him away.
As the machine begin to beep again, Dr. Sims and all the others sighed a big sigh of relief. They all turned toward Officer Miller and Daniel. He ran to his mother's side and fell across her frail body. She did not open her eyes, but Daniel felt her breathing underneath him. He stood back up and took hold of her handand thanked ALLAH swt He smiled at the doctors

"Okay, Joe, I get the message,"He rolled his eyes as Joe walked away. He knew that most of the nurses and P.A.'s already knew that Sara did not have any money. Most of them did not care about that. Most of them were there because they cared about people. He wondered if Joe would ever care again. He hoped that one day he would open his eyes.

They let Daniyal sit with his mom for a while, but Officer Miller told him he needed to come on home with him. He told him that the girls were very tired. They had already fallen asleep in one of the hospital rooms that the nurse had placed them in. He finally convinced him that they would not go without him and they needed a good hot meal and some rest. He promised Daniyal he would bring him back up if anything went wrong. Dr. Sims reassured them that he would call. He told him that he would bring him back in the morning bright and early. Daniyal was very tired and he knew he had to be responsible about his sisters. He finally agreed.

The ride to Officer Miller's house was mostly silent.
When they arrived at his house, an older woman met them at the door. She seemed to know everything already, so Daniyal knew Officer Miller had called her. She had a warm meal waiting for them to eat after they cleaned up. Daniyal wondered, He did not know this man, but he sure noticed that his kids loved him. They ran to jump in his arms. He had a little girl the same age as the twins and his son was just a little younger than Daniyal. In fact, his son shook Daniyal's hand and took his bag from him, lending him a hand. He even showed him where they would be sleeping. Daniyal just nodded very coolly. He knew his mother would have been upset with him for not saying thanks, but he just could not speak for a while.