my favourite's

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

As time goes by... the realization...that ... 
the familiar faces whom  had been there for me ..
either had passed on.. or had to go thru stages that i knew..
and dread ..
They are the ones whom i held my heart and my memories..
The loved ones that are still here.. are more precious as there are 
so few of them..
How can i not feel affected and saddened...
As that been said..
I'm gonna chose from now on to have flashbacks/memories in my 
only of the familiar sounds.. smell..laughter..smiles..gestures..
I do not want to be weight down with the unnecessary 
bitter memories.. which either been pounded on me or perceptions
of people who chooses not to believe in me as they think they know me well.....
Isn't life  too short?
I wish I could tell them to make happy memories ...even if it's short lived hold to 
them as long as u not mind the setbacks that surely one 
day u might have to go thru it..
I wish i could tell them.. do not do the things u would not others do to u..
we do not live in the past.. that is why it's called the present n the future..
I wish i could tell them .. pls do not take anyone for granted or 
of all the blessings how small it can be..Hey, whatever we think we have or own 
doesn't really belong to us.. 
Right now.. all I can do is to make doas for the loved ones that had passed on..
And make doas for the loved ones that I still held dear..