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Monday, 28 January 2013

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People hurt too much. Too often. You don't really have to pay attention all the time. Learn to let go.
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"For some people, it's poverty. For some, it's mental or physical disease. For some, it's the loss of a loved one. For some, it's prison. But for all, it's a promise from Allah that each and everyone of us will have a test of one type or another at some point in life.

It doesn't matter if you're as evil as a murderer or as righteous as a Prophet, Allah has set aside for you your portion of difficulty in life. In fact, if you look at the variety of difficulties that the Prophets faced, it will seem to you almost as if Allah is giving us precedents as to how to cope with every potential difficulty that could befall us today."

-Tariq Mehanna

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“Don’t be in such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn’t do what you do, or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.” 
-Malcolm X

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"May Allah bless the man who says less and does more." 
-Umar Ibn Al-khattab

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"Omar bin Abdul Aziz told his students, “You should preach to others by your silence.” They asked, “How?!” He replied, “By your manners."

Monday, 21 January 2013

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Adjustment with right people is always better than argument with wrong people and meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words.

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those who does not understand your silence,
will never understand your words..

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“Love is shown in your deeds, not in your words.”
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Best Relations are like Beautiful street lamps.
They may not make the distance shorter 
but they light your path and make the journey easier

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Don't spend new tears on old grief....
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Assuming the worst in a person hurts them.
Assuming the best in a person disappoints you. 
Assuming nothing allows you both the ability to see the truth.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

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“Some people have passed away, but their character has kept them alive, others are alive, but their character has killed them”
— Imam Shafi

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When pride & arrogance creep into your mind, place your head on the floor & embrace the dirt that you were created from.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

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We are continuously tested - either through blessings, to see how thankful we are, or through trials, to see how patient we are.
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Sisters, you deserve the best in life. What you don't deserve is to be mistreated. Always remember your worth and value. It is more than what others think of you. It is what ' you ' think of yourself. So respect the honor and lifestyle assigned to you by your creator.
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A strong person is the one who knows how to be quiet at the right moment.
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The boy you called fat,...he's on diet pills. The girl you called ugly,..cover herself to please her creator. See the old man with disability,..he fought for his country. The young girl with a kid that you called names,..she got raped. That guy you just made fun of for crying,..his mother is dying.
People have already enough sorrow to deal with. Everyone is fighting a hard life everyday. So please don't give them anymore just because you want to crack a joke or trying to be funny. Stop mocking others and Don't JUDGE!

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Don't expect everyone to understand your journey, especially if they've never had to walk your path.
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Every time you mistreat a woman, you give up the right to be treated like a man.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

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Always value people, you're neither better nor lower than them. Treat them with love, care and respect.
Never hurt a person in your life, for to be hurt is a
worst feeling. The words spat are never to be
gathered and the broken hearts are hard to fix. If
someone is hurt because of you, do ask for their forgiveness, for it's a burdened feeling to bear. If someone asks for your forgiveness, do forgive them with an open heart, you'd feel loads better and a light heart is what you'd own afterwards. We've been sent to this world to live helping each other, not fighting each other. No hates remain, only love to be rejoiced, let's make a better place to live by bringing a change on ourselves, Insha Allah.
-Hasna Fathima

A thirst for Peace.
-Shifnas Thamiem
All rights reserved @ Allah’s presence

What defines “Peace” the best?
Many people can describe it, yet the true answer is that no words can ever define “Peace” as a whole. Once you have peace, you have everything, and when you lose it, you lose everything. That’s the beauty of Peace, no matter who you are; rich or poor.
Problems of your life can be considered as the enemy of Peace on the long run of your life. Regardless to which category of life you and I fall, we all have fallen into the trap of killing our serenity with the threats which our problems have caused.
None is problem free in this world. That doesn’t mean you should kill yourself with your own problems and make yourself a walking dead body. God never burdens a soul beyond its scope; He loads us with problems while He shows a way to lose them off.
Your life is just like a flower garden..
Thousands of buds get killed by the strong wind force before they could bloom, yet many fresh flowers bloom every day. Some of the bloomed flowers are admired by human eyes and tasted by honey bees, while others go neglected and left alone in the flower garden. The neglected flowers know to neglect the fact that they are being neglected and they spread their fragrance on the air to refresh the world.
On the other hand, many other flowers have their ceasing drops of life on the dried petals which are fallen on the ground. They dared to bloom even after knowing they would end up with a gloom.
Did you hear that laughter of those beautiful flowers?
Did you hear that painful moan the neglected flowers make?
Did you hear that heartbreaking cry of those dried petals?
Flowers are living for few days, yet they continue blooming for years and years!
They’re destined to have declining freshness yet they fight with life until they dry!
They are so tiny in size yet they’re capable of pouring peace into the complicated human hearts!
Are you weaker than those soft little flowers?
What are you crying for? Look around yourself, there are many signs!
No matter what role your life asks you to play in this world, always realize your ultimate destination is your Akhirah. Let your laughter, moans, cries and tears color your life with a divine Peace, so that your Akhirah would let you look back and say “I have lived a successful life”.
Technically, you and I know our souls will find freedom if we find “Peace”, therefore always keep your heart peaceful.If you ask me how and where can we find Peace, then let me tell you that, it’s not too late to know how to find “Peace”. No matter how old you are, to which culture you belong, what you believe in and what’s your financial status, the answer is common and unique!
“Verily in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest” (Al-Qur’an 13:28)
You believe in God or not, and you admit it or not, the fact is that you will never find Peace, unless and until you engage yourself with the remembrance of God. To cover your life with tranquility, you must pick a cover which your creator prefers you select.
This is a simple reminder which is made first for myself and then for the rest!
Peace comes with the remembrance of God, so invite it by remembering Him

Count your blessings

Naz Haider
All rights reserved@Allah's presence

“Will you please listen to me once? At least give me a chance to make you understand. Please,” I sobbed into the phone but Ajay would not listen.

He hanged up the phone and I listened to the dead end. I knew I was crying profusely, my blue dupatta stained with tears. I know everyone in that local train was watching me, wondering what was the cause of this emotional outburst in public. Their gazes were full of questions, amusement…pity! What had I come to, strangers were pitying me! But I was far from bothering about the image I was presenting right now. The grief in my heart was too much to hold back. My tears flowed freely and my heart ached more and more.

I tried calling Ajay once more, in vain. But I kept trying and with the fifth try, he did answer the call, only to bark at me that I was disturbing him and he had nothing to do with me. “I don’t care even if you die” were his exact words. And with this came a fresh avalanche of tears and I resolved to end my life. Removing my spectacles, I wiped my tears, which made no difference as they kept flowing continuously. I saw the girl sitting next to me watching me, and her eyes reflected concern. She shook her head silently and gave me a slight smile. I tried to compose myself and wiped the tears, again. She started scribbling something on the last page of the novel she was reading. She tore the page and passed it to me.
Through the tears I tried to read and this is what the note said:
"Verily, with hardship there is relief" (Quran, Surah al-Sharh, verse 94)

I looked at the girl, confused, and saw tears in her eyes too. She reached out, held my hand and said, “I know how it feels to be left hopeless, but trust me, there is relief always. Though at the time of grief, it might look like there can be no silver lining to this cloud, but it can’t happen. For every time passes, every situation changes and there’s always happiness after a phase of gloom. Trust me.”
She said these with such sincerity that I wanted to believe her. But who was she, what did she know about what I was going through? I thanked her but could not stop the tears from flowing afresh.

At this she said, teary-eyed and sobbing, “You remind me of myself a few years back. I was upset, angry and hopeless. I was on a train like you, all ready to jump off and finish my life. And with it, all the pain and grief. And I was all set to jump when, out of blue, an old friend of mine called my name. I turned and she sensed that something was wrong. She made me sit down and coaxed me to tell what was bothering me. She said that it would lighten the burden on my heart and maybe even help me see the problem in a new light. I told her, through my sobs and sniffles, I told her everything. And this is what she told me "Verily, with hardship there is relief" (Surah al-Sharh,verse 94). She made me see sense that what I was doing was running away from the problem. If I never faced hardship, how would I ever know what happiness is, what comfort is, what good times await me. She told me the invaluable mantra of life that 'This too shall pass', nothing in life is permanent. Well, not even life is permanent, so we might as well smile and take everything in our stride. And guess what, I did see my problems in a new light. I tried to focus on finding the solution rather than crying over the problems. And here I am today, not particularly happy all the time, but at peace. For I know, everything passes, happiness as well as grief.”

I stared at the girl. Why was she doing this, I did not even know her. The train had reached the last station and was already doing its return journey. This girl had stayed with me, holding my hand and trying to put some sense in my head. I stared at that girl, tears flowing profusely from my eyes. She looked back in my eyes and our gazes communicated things neither of us could say. At that moment I felt a bond with that girl. We had much in common. She had been weak at one point in her life, like I am today. She had overcome it, and I would do the same.

I began to say thank you, but she squeezed my hand and said, “Don’t thank me. Thank Allah that he placed me here, in this train today because you needed me. Just promise me one thing sister, promise to be strong – come what may, because Allah gives troubles to make us strong, so promise me, you will be strong.” I nodded and gave her a weak smile.

The train was coming to a halt and she got up to leave. As she reached the door, she looked back and said, “Assalamu Alaikum, may peace be with you.”
Hastily I scribbled my phone number on the piece of paper she had given me, abruptly got up and passed the chit to that girl and said, as the train started moving, “Please do call me.”
Today, three years later, we are friends, best friends. I feel blessed to have found her that day, I am alive because of her…and yes stronger too!

On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear.
~ (Quran, Surah AlBaqrah 2:286)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

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"Understanding Is Much Deeper than Knowledge"..... Because,
" There are Many People Who Know Us, 
But Very Few Who Truly Understand Us"..

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Whether given or received....kindness feels the same.
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Life ends 
when you stop 
struggling to survive.. 

Battle ends when you stop 
standing every time you fall.. 

And hope ends when you
don't believe anymore...

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Too often we don't realize what we have until its gone.. 
Too often we are too stubborn to say, "SORRY, I was WRONG 
Too often it seems, we hurt the ones closest to our hearts.. 
And we let the most foolish things tear us apart..

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Allah is the best listener and you don’t need to shout, nor cry out loud. Because He hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart.
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No matter how we try to be mature, 
we will always be a kid when we all get hurt and cry.

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The best things in life are not things, it’s the people who make you feel loved and cared for.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

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Whenever you do not understand what's happening in your life, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say... "Ya Allah, I know it is your plan. Just help me through it....!
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Listen plzZzzZz !!!
Before you think about hurting
someone, put yourself in their place, and understand their views,
because if they were to do the
same to you, you'd realize how
hard it is :/ ¿ Think

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If you feel compassion and sympathy for the pain of others, you are noble. If you help them in removing that pain, you are truly great. ♥
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★ 2 Eyes & 1 Tongue: Which Means We Need To Look Twice & Talk Once.

★ 2 Ears & 1 Mouth: So We Need To Listen More Than We Talk.

★ 2 Hands & 1 Stomach: So We Need To Work Twice As Much As We Eat.

★ 2 Major Brain Parts & 1 Heart: So We Can Think Twice, But Love Only One ALLAH.

See How Our Body Parts Remind Us How To Live...♥

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Whenever u get pain in ur life, Just think about the full form of


Positive Attitude In Negative situations ...
Follow it, Life will Change.

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Today you are busy judging others, forgetting that tomorrow you will be judged by your book of deeds and not theirs’.
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The psychology of our religion is modesty. Your beauty is not your physical beauty - it is your soul. The rest is clay...
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s̶a̶d̶ ̶,̶ ̶a̶l̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶ ̶,̶ ̶a̶f̶r̶a̶i̶d̶ ̶,̶ ̶u̶n̶h̶a̶p̶p̶y̶­ ̶,̶ ̶s̶i̶c̶k̶ ̶, b̶r̶o̶k̶e̶n̶ ̶ Just Say ......Alhamdulillah..... الحمدلله...
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When you feel like you can’t go any further, just know that the strength which carried you this far will take you the rest of the way.
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O Allah…!
♥ Only You know the Silent DUAS of My Heart & Only You can accept them.
♥ Only You know that My Soul cries often & only You can wipe out My Tears.
♥ Only You know the wounds & Pains of My Soul & only You can cure & Heal them.
♥ Only You can replace My grieves into Happiness & My Tears into Smiles.
♥ Only You know the real situation & Only you can create A Special Way for Me.
♥ O Allah!! Only You can help when there is no one to help & I need only Your Help.
♥ O Allah..!! Forgive our all sins & accept our duas.
♥ Help us & keep us under Your special care & Bless us with Your Pleasure & Mercy.
Aameen !!

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No matter how healthy you are, things can change in a second. Thank Allah for the painless & happy moments you have been granted so far.
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When you see the faults of your brother/sister and feel a sense of pride, remind yourself of your own shortcomings
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We are born alone... we will die alone..
buried in grave all alone...
its just our journey from birth to death... we will be questioned about everything we do..
no body will accompany us in our grave or when we are being resurrected...
STOP thinking to what people are saying,might say or will say.. (they are meant to do so,let them say)
keep preparing yourself for the final day...
after all what you will get in the end is just the result of you did ,doing and will do...

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-Hasna Fathima
All Rights Reserved @Allah's Presence

Pebbles are scattered,
Yet not shattered...
Things may seem troubled,
Still would get settled...
Varied in colors,
They never get jealous...
Different in looks are we,
But it's the hearts which He will see...
Number of shapes they've got,
Ego or proudness, they have not...
So many qualities we do posses,
Accepting all is what we should process...
Being trampled and kicked,
They do never get discouraged...
People may try putting you down,
Never feel bad, show them your crown...
No matter what kind of weather,
They do still stay together...
Happy or sad, be united forever,
Parting may cause disasters that you cannot imagine ever...
Whatever they may,
Their Lord they obey...
Always remember the blessings you've been given,
Before the time gets taken...

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By – S.S Meera 

Though small in size
I can crime a lot

Though I am with no bone
I can very well make one moan

Though I am fragile and moist
I can scorch other’s feelings

Though I am with super flexibility
I can secure mere wrath

Though I remain silently enclosed
I can feast my prey like a mountain lion

Though I cannot stop myself from being woolly
I cannot be incarcerated simply !!

But Yes I ain’t bad
When wisely used !!
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Know that life is like a rose - beautiful. There may be thorns which prick you from time to time, but that does not negate the fact that the rose is still beautiful.

At times, we need a few trials in our beautiful lives. These trials expiate our sins, they teach us great lessons, they strengthen us and increase us in wisdom.

So say: Alhamdulillaah 'ala kulli haal (Praise be to Allah in all circumstances) :')

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Something I thought worth sharing...

I liked 8 things which made me cry: 

1-Don't speak of your strength in front of the weak 

2-Don't speak of your good fortune in front of one who is miserable

3-Don't speak of your freedom in front of a prisoner

4-Don't speak of your children in front of the childless
5-Don't speak of your father in front of an orphan..for their wounds won't be able to bear more

6-Weigh your words in all your worldly matters and make the consideration of the feelings of others a part of your personality.. so much so that a day does not come wherein you find yourself alone with your wounds!

7-Don't dance over the wounds of that a day does not come that others dance over your wounds

8-Be in life like a traveler and leave behind you a good trail for we are not in this world except guests and a guest only leaves. I will not gift you the sun or the moon because they disappear and I will not gift you a candle nor ice because they melt and I will not gift you flowers and roses because they wilt, rather I will gift you with my prayer (Du'aa)